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A manipulation of the language and talking points are the fundamental elements of modifying the behavior of the masses. The weak-minded buy into groupthink effortlessly and quite conveniently for the progressive wordmasters. The only other component of the indoctrination machine is the mode of transporting the propaganda. And the mainstream media serves quite well in that capacity.

Demonstrably, one of the greatest achievements of the behavior modification players in the progressive movement is the word control of the linguistics surrounding abortion. The baby-killing crowd tweaked the vocabulary usage of simple words to distort and deceive the people, in particular, the women.

They created terminology and applied it perfectly to suit the desires of their abortion-driven agenda. Rather than to refer to individuals who believe in abortion as pro-abortion, they chose the positive and liberating word “choice.” After all, who can argue with giving someone a choice? Isn’t that what America is all about, having choices to live our lives as we pursue our happiness?

Using the term pro-choice gives women the opportunity to say, “Well, personally I could never have an abortion, but other women should have the choice.” But with that reasoning the so-called “pro-choice” woman is agreeing to abortion. She is actually pro-abortion.

On the other hand, the pro-life woman is accused of not allowing other women to choose for themselves. She is accused of forcing her value system on all women.

The term pro-choice gave women an escape route. Most pro-choice women that I know allude to themselves as being pro-life but wanting other women to have that choice. But that means they are not pro-life at all. They are pro-abortion for believing legalized abortion should be an option.

We are giving pro-abortion women an easy way out by continuing with the farce that there is such a thing as pro-choice. There isn’t. You either believe that the killing of babies in the mother’s womb is wrong or you don’t. The word “choice” is a red herring.

Conservatives need to begin calling it for what it is, “Pro-abortion and Pro-life.” We need to stop giving pro-abortion women an easy out. Pro-choice is Pro-abortion.

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