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Turkey’s President Erdogan has issued a warning to Europe. “If Europe continues with the diplomatic disagreement that it has with Turkey, Europeans will not be able to walk in their own streets safely,” was his message.

Erdogan stated, “We as Turkey are calling on Europe to respect human rights and democracy.” Translation: We want to send as many of our Muslims into Europe as we damn well please, so get out of our way.”

A migrant deal last year drastically slowed the number of Turkey migrants crossing into Greece and Europe. Now, the Turks are threatening to send 15,000 migrants a month into a migrant-ravaged Europe.

My question: Are the European leaders so braindead and weak that they permit the Turkish leader to threaten and bully them while calling the shots? European western nations are the hosts, and the migrants are the guests. And yet, the Turks are demanding their human rights to enter these countries.

But it wasn’t just Europeans that Erdogan threatened. His words were, “If you continue to behave like this, not a single European, not a single “westerner” will be able to take a step safely anytime in the ‘world’.”

The notion that Erdogan would assume to scold the Europeans for limiting migrants into their own country is nonsense. Unfortunately, he also specifically noted “not a single westerner” anytime in the world, and those details suggest that his threats carry over to The United States.

It is beyond reason for any western country, be they European or North American, to continue to absorb the Muslim migrants who are seeking to change the western culture. The European nations are suffering from the economic overload and culture shock to the citizens of their countries.

European women are in constant danger of being sexually molested. Young children, including boys, are victims of Muslim rape gangs. Islamic communities are advancing parallel governments to their host countries’ governments while prohibiting law enforcement from entering their enclaves.

Islam demands that the infidels of the world convert to Islam or die, and yet the western world continues to poison their own citizenry with the political ideology of Islam by importing those people who threaten us.

The Muslim world is seeking a worldwide caliphate. Erdogan has commanded the Muslim migrant families in Europe to have five children. Even liberals should be able to read the writing on that wall. They are growing their numbers as they construct their caliphate.

Nonetheless, Liberals in America are advocating that The United States follow in the footsteps of the devastated European civilization and welcome intruders who are intent on seizing control of our culture and country. And Ergodan is warning us about getting in the way of Allah’s people.

The rise of the world caliphate is well under way. And Americans, like the Europeans, are either helpless to stop it, or they just don’t care.

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