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After yesterday’s terror “incident” in London, the city’s Muslim mayor Sadiq Khan stated that terror attacks are part and parcel for living in a big city. No big deal, right Sadiq? Of course, Khan would whitewash the attacks and downplay them as normal. Because the whole damn world has gone crazy.

First, I want to address the use of the term “incident.” The mainstream “fake” news media circulated the talking point throughout the day. This is another spot on example of the Left’s continual manipulation of the language. An “incident” is just an occurrence or a circumstance, whereas an attack is by definition and connotation a major event with dire ramifications.

You know, we had that little “incident” across the pond in London, where dozens of people were run over with a car, a cop was killed, victims died, and many others were left in catastrophic condition. But not to worry. It was just a little “incident,” and it’s perfectly normal if you live in a big city. Hey! You wanna live in the city, you need to get use to it! Quit your crybaby sniveling!”

Back to London’s Muslim mayor. Raise your hand if you think it’s a coincidence that the guy who thinks the Islamic terrorist “incident” is just another inconvenience of living in the city is himself a Muslim.

The sad truth is that the British asked for this. They allowed the multiculturalism globalists to insert political correctness into every nook and cranny of their government and their culture. They wanted a multicultural community, complete with non-English speaking citizens, in-fighting among the non-integrated enclaves, and cultural diversity, and boy did they ever get it.

They gave up their country to the caliphate, but it’s yet unofficial.

But I shouldn’t go pointing fingers at the Brits. Heck, just look at what Americans have done. We have opened our country to pretty much anyone who wants to come across the borders. Just like under the Big Top…”Come one, come all.” And they did, and it is just one big circus, thanks to the Progressives.

We need look no further than Maryland to fully realize how crazy the entire Democrat Party and Republic Progressives have become. A fourteen year old 9th grade girl was dragged into the boys’ bathroom, raped, sodomized, and forced to perform oral sex by two young men, 17 and 18 year old illegal immigrants from Central American countries, which are known for their extreme criminality. Both of these men were in the 9th grade and neither spoke English.

Yet, even after this horrendous crime, the Montgomery County Superintendent of Schools defended the county’s educational policy of educating illegal immigrants. The Montgomery County school board has no problem with non-English speaking men attending classes with young girls. If given the choice of the illegals raping the girls in the school, the board members would prefer that they didn’t. But after all, what’s more important; protecting American citizens or being compassionate and giving Central American criminals the opportunity to find happiness in America living off of the welfare system? Talk about finding the land of milk and honey! Wow! Those young men found the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow and a bushel full of four leaf clovers.

Unfortunately for the young brutalized girl, her life is damaged forever. But c’mon now, are we a compassionate country or not? We have to learn to sacrifice a little if we are going to be a haven for the third world indigent beasts, aren’t we? And Montgomery County School system just offered up one of it’s young girls for the cause of multiculturalism and political correctness. Way to go Maryland!

But it gets crazier. Immediately following the reports of the school rape, the Maryland legislature voted to make the state of Maryland a sanctuary state. Thank goodness the Republican Maryland Governor Larry Hogan has promised to veto the suicidal bill. I’m just wondering aloud, but how did a Republican get elected in Maryland? The Maryland state Democratic Party must have fallen asleep at the wet bar.

May I make a suggestion to Maryland? Hey guys, secession is always your option! Jus’ sayin’. It’s not official, but the word is that the Maryland feminists have given the rapists pink pussyhats and invited them to the next Women’s March on Washington.

I hate to say it, well, not really, I don’t hate to say it. Maryland asked for it, and they got it. Just like Britain asked for it, and they got it.

The ‘majority’ of British citizens swallowed the gobbledygook of political correctness indoctrination, just as the majority of Maryland citizens decided that multiculturalism and foreign invaders took precedence to the safety of its citizens, including young girls. And while some may counter that not all of the British and not all Marylanders supported the social justice and social engineering, I argue that they were silent for too long. Where were you guys when you were being warned by the watchmen on the wall that you had better get involved?

The Muslim London mayor finds terrorism to be the new normal for city life. And the state of Maryland votes in a legislature that welcomes illegal immigration even if it means surrendering their children to the altar of savagery.

Without a doubt, terrorism and crazy are the new normal!

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