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The Democrats are gleeful today as they celebrate the crash and burn attempt of the Republicans’ plan to replace Obamacare. While the Never-Trumpers of both sides are having their fun with their “I told you so” moment, the Republican base which elected Trump are scratching their heads and wondering what went wrong.

Aside from Trump’s dedication to protecting the borders, the repeal of Obamacare was the number one issue for most Republicans. Socialized medicine is the engine of total government control. We needed a repeal, not a lighter version of universal healthcare.

But what I find to be the most egregious and dumbfounding factor surrounding the entire blunder of this opportunity to trash Obamacare forever, is the faith that President Trump invested in Speaker Paul Ryan. If Trump is going to drain the swamp, why would he engage ‘Swampthing’ to lead the way?

Paul Ryan is the garden variety specimen of the vermin which dwell in the Washington Swamp. He fights term limits, and he stands adamantly opposed to Trump’s suggestion that lawmakers in Congress have a five year waiting period after leaving Congress before they can become lobbyists.

Ryan denounced Trump multiple times before belatedly deciding that he could work with Trump. And I don’t buy into Ryan’s eleventh hour conversion.

Paul Ryan is pure establishment. He’s not conservative, and he’s not a little bit progressive. He’s a big government, open border Republican who likes the status quo in Washington D.C. Ryan wants the power to remain in the hands of the Beltway elite whether they are Republican or Democrat.

I did not like Paul Ryan before he was chosen as Mitt Romney’s running mate. And I was verbally disappointed after Romney gave him the nod. Many of my friends gave me a lot of guff about Ryan being the perfect pick. I resigned myself to Ryan, but only because there was no alternative. Obama and Biden were the only options.

Paul Ryan, like Eric Cantor, was one of the so-called young guns who were reportedly to be the future of the conservative wing of the GOP. But they weren’t. They fell in with the establishment Republicans and lost their connection with middle American Republicans.

Cantor lost his seat to the Tea Party Challenger, Dave Brat, partly because of his immigration reform. But there were other reasons, which included the common knowledge that Cantor and his staff were not only arrogant, but they disrespected Conservatives. Cantor lost the trust of Conservatives because of his bad deals and broken promises. He outspent Brat 5 million to $122,000, and yet the Conservatives in Virginia showed him the door.

Cantor was running for Speaker of the House when he lost. He and his staff plotted for the position. They thought he could not be touched, and he could not be defeated. However, they were wrong.

Paul Ryan is the Young Gun from the North to Cantor’s South. He stepped into the speakership as if it was his rite of passage. But I honestly cannot appreciate Ryan’s appeal. After his humiliating performance during the 2012 vice presidential debate, he should have been on the first flight back to Wisconsin. He allowed Joe “The Bumbling Idiot” Biden to clean his clock. Captain Kangaroo could have outdebated Joe Biden, but Ryan couldn’t. Sometimes I wonder if he threw that debate. It was that hideous.

President Trump is a shrewd man, or at least he seemed to be until this healthcare debacle. He should have been able to recognize Ryan’s lack of substance in respect to trustworthiness. Ryan doesn’t want the Swamp drained. He has made a lucrative life for himself amidst the rest of the pond scum.

Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, Mike Lee, and members of the House Freedom Caucus are the Congressional leaders to which Trump needs to hitch his wagon. CNN describes the House Freedom Caucus as rag-tag and rabble-rousing. CNN also refers to the members of the conservative Freedom Caucus as “Public Enemy #1.” If CNN hates them, then they must be a virtuous group of individuals.

The entire healthcare mess was murky. There were no significant details which were available for public consumption. And with the control of both houses of Congress and the presidency, the GOP had the perfect opportunity to repeal Obamacare. But Trump chose to listen to Speaker Ryan, a man who will intentionally lead him astray.

Maybe Trump learned a lesson from this experience and ‘yuge’ loss. If you want to drain the swamp, don’t befriend the water moccasins. In the future, President Trump, please choose your friends from outside the Swamp.


  1. Judybeth,
    Before Ryan was elected Speaker, I wrote my Congressman and forcefully suggested that she not vote for Paul Ryan. Ryan showed his true colors by initially opposing Trump’s candidacy and then reversed course once the voters spoke. He’s been tiptoeing through a political minefield ever since. President Trump shouldn’t trust Ryan. He’s devious and has not shown any ability to lead his party. Health care is a complex issue. Here’s the problem for the GOP in a nutshell: #1) Health care is expensive. #2) Older people use more of it. #3) The demographics are shifting in the wrong direction relative to #1 and #2. A Washington Post article a couple of years ago reported that the group of people over 65 as a percent of total US population will increase by 7.8% by the year 2050. The age group from 25 to 64 will decrease by 3.2% and the under 25’s will decline by 4.6%. Medical technology keeps finding ways to prolong life, which, no doubt, will drive up costs associated with hospitals, skilled nursing and assisted living facilities. The ghost of Jack Kevorkian will rise from the grave in the near future and ask when enough is enough for those who are ‘machine dependent’ and living in a costly near vegetative state. Place these demographics along side of President Trump’s desire to medically insure everyone and the old bank account suddenly goes bust. Ex-President Obama and his band of Democratic merry men and women knew this but – they didn’t care how large the deficit ballooned. A vote by any other name is still a vote. Ryan as a self-acknowledged budget expert has backed himself into a corner. To press for tax credits as a way to fund the GOP version of Obamacare is just as dumb as offering plans with exorbitant deductibles and subsidies. There are 63 million people out of work who aren’t earning a dime so what good are tax credits and Health Savings Accounts. The ‘party of the rich’ appears to be cementing their fate for the 2018 elections by going down this path. Unemployed voters everywhere are asking, “What’s in this for me?” and Ryan is not fixing the problem – he’s part of it.

    • Don, I agree with all of your points. I like your analogy to Kevorkian, because it is on the horizon, especially with the continued abuse of immigration. Great post!

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