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The Democrats never saw a migrant, refugee, or illegal immigrant that they didn’t want, especially if they don’t speak English. They don’t care if they are terrorists, criminals, mentally deranged, or sexual predators as long as they are empty-headed vessels who are willing to join the Democrat Party and vote Democrat. In fact, the dumber and poorer that these indigents are, the better suited to the Democrat vote-gathering process. It’s a lot easier to convince a stupid, confused, hungry person to sign on the dotted line.

And the Democrats in Nebraska are really enjoying the influx of invaders who are entering their state. They are so overjoyed at the prospect of moving Nebraska left that they have devised a method of early vote buying. They are issuing “welcome baskets” to the non-citizen newcomers which include kitchen utensils, small appliances, towels, blankets, and other staples.

But that’s not all. Tucked neatly into these welcome baskets are voter registration forms. And I’m pretty darned sure the recipients of these gifts will be instructed as to how to fill them out. The Nebraska Democrat Party has no respect for the law which prohibits non-citizens from voting. They have one thing in mind and one thing only; to turn Nebraska blue.

When reminded that these new arrivals to the United States were not eligible to vote, the Nebraska Democrat Party chairwoman, Jane Kleeb, responded that they were just familiarizing the refugees with the forms. Jane would never think of encouraging voter fraud, would you Jane?

I have a better idea. How about the Democrat Party familiarizing the refugees and illegals with American laws? How about teaching the migrant men that rape, gang rape, groping, sodomy, pedophilia, throwing acid on women, genital mutilation and all the fun stuff they liked to do back in their homelands is off limits in America. Oh, but darn that would be politically incorrect, wouldn’t it?

Barack Obama intentionally designated Nebraska as a state which will take more than its fair share of refugees. His intent was to turn the very conservative red state to a bright liberal blue.

Democrat policies are so weak in effectiveness and in coherence that any American with sound judgment, if there are any left, will not sign on to the party. They can only get their voters from the progressive colleges and immigrants.

It should be of no surprise to thoughtful people that the Democrats are courting the migrants and fighting for their rights to invade America. Democrats need open borders. They need vulnerable people who are either intellectually challenged, misdirected, or suffering from culture shock. Without new recruits to the Democrat Party, the party will wither.

The Democrats have convinced many of its constituents to abort their children. They undoubtedly miscalculated or underestimated the parallel between the aborting of the children of Democrats and future party voters. The migrants, however, are a fertile class of upcoming voters.

I’ll have to hand it to the Nebraska Democrats. They never miss an opportunity to deceive or manipulate. Voter registration forms in welcome baskets was a novel idea. The Cornhuskers would certainly make Saul Alinsky proud.

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