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Ted Koppel’s “gotcha” moment with Sean Hannity has been well publicized and was a deliberate attempt to embarrass the conservative Fox News firebrand. Insulting Hannity with the accusation of being bad for America, the has-been Koppel recaptured his relevance, for about a minute.

I have been annoyed with Hannity’s near idolatry in regards to Donald Trump, but Sean has done far too much good for the conservative movement than even Rush Limbaugh, in my opinion. Rush was the first pioneer on the conservative radio frontier, but Rush lacked the passion and energy that Hannity has maintained. And that’s not to condemn Limbaugh. The two men have different styles.

Sean Hannity was the guy who introduced Americans to Barack Obama’s radical roots. He thoroughly exposed Obama’s America-hating pastor, Jeremiah Wright, as well as uncovering details of Obama’s past which revealed his devotion to Saul Alinsky and Marxist extremism. Even Rush Limbaugh refused to touch this controversial issue.

Hannity was calling Obama out as a socialist and warning his viewers and listeners about the community organizer’s plans for a redistribution of wealth long before Rush even uttered the word ‘socialist’ in respect to Obama. While Rush is about political analysis and tiptoes around certain hot button topics, Sean charges in guns ablazin’. Rush sticks to monologues while Sean welcomes debate.

With that said, I was disappointed in Hannity’s and Limbaugh’s primary bias towards Donald Trump, and I emphasize ‘primary.’ Both men are personal friends of Trump, and I believe their friendships with Trump clouded their objectivity in regards to guiding their listeners to vote Trump in the primaries.

There is no doubt in my mind that Donald Trump could not have been the GOP nomination nor would he be in the White House today without the influence and voices of Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh. They gave many cautious conservatives who were skeptical of Trump a feeling of vindication for voting for him. They cleared the path of victory for Trump.

And that’s not to say that Trump will or will not be the best president in modern history, although I don’t believe he can ever rise above Reagan. Nonetheless, great or not, Trump’s presidency will reflect on the judgment of both Hannity and Limbaugh.

Sean Hannity has devoted three hours each weekday to his radio show as well as five hours a week to his television program on Fox News. And that’s not to mention the prep time he needs daily for his broadcasts. He is energetic, relentless, and a conservative warrior.

Despite any of his shortcomings, which all of us have, Hannity has dedicated his life to conservatism and America. Some of his choices would not have been my choices, but nevertheless, no one can argue that he has not energized the conservative base with years of informative dialogue, motivation, and a passion for exposing the Left.

Ted Koppel is a washed up establishment media hack. He’s a Leftie who obviously wants to shut down opinion television and radio, because according to Koppel, Hannity appeals to ideological thinkers rather than seekers of truth.

Sean should have known better than to believe Koppel would be fair. No one in mainstream media is to be trusted. But I have a hunch that Hannity will hit back and hit back hard. He’s bold, and he’s a fighter. He’s made of substance, not fluff and stuff.

Conservative Never-Trumpers may find some temporary satisfaction in Koppel’s show of disrespect for Hannity. But before they throw a party, they had better remember that had it not been for men like Sean, the conservative movement would have atrophied long ago.

Hate his style or love it, Sean Hannity is a Great American!

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