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While normal Americans are busy at work trying to provide for their families, liberal school systems are busy indoctrinating their children. Kindergarten and first grade children are being primed for a gender fluid society. Of course, the schools are introducing the propaganda in the name of anti-bullying campaigns, but we know better.

They are busy recruiting children for the transgender roster. Their agenda is not about bullying. They are using our children to promote their gender free society of madness.

And what better way to do it than through a storybook? They appeal to our kids through the wonderment of pictures perfected with colorful illustrations. They are stealing the innocence of our children with a devious scheme to supplant traditional gender roles by differentiating a child’s gender assignment at birth with his perceived gender.

The Charlotte-Mecklenburg school district in North Carolina has been forced to withdraw a pro-transgender book from its first grade curriculum. The book, “Jacob’s New Dress,” is a story about a boy named Jacob who likes to wear dresses to school. Jacob is the hero. But there are boys in the school who encourage other boys to wear boys’ clothing. These boys are considered bullies.

Not succumbing to the brainwashing of deranged educators is now a characteristic of bullying. The far-left zealots have hijacked the learning environment, and they insist on cramming their perverted vision of gender fluidity down the throats of unsuspecting school children who are a government mandated captive audience.

They are not about to let a silly little think like parental objection interfere with their world view of deviance. So, the warped officials in the school system replaced “Jacob’s New Dress” with “Red: A Crayon’s Story.”

“Red: A Crayon’s Story” is about a red crayon that thinks it is blue. As the story goes, the crayon appears to be red but is actually blue. The Red crayon is miserable, because no matter how hard he tries, he can’t be blue. But after meeting a new friend with a new perspective, Red discovers he is blue, after all.”

The suggested moral of the story is that kids must be true to their inner self, and the book is available on multiple levels.

In truth, the moral of the story is that delusional thinking is acceptable and celebrated. Teaching children that a red crayon is blue is a perversion of the truth. Lying to children and convincing them that they can be anything they want to be when in reality, they can’t is a form of child abuse, especially when it entails the changing of one’s genitalia or ingesting hormones.

The LBGT crowd with the assistance of the progressive school systems are destroying the minds of normal children by promoting mental illness. Delusional thinking is a form of psychotic thinking, and we have professionals promoting it to our young kids.

Amazon sells both books in addition to “Toni the Tampon,” a story that teaches that boys can menstruate. I assume the Charlotte-Mecklenburg district schools will wait until middle school to introduce “Toni the Tampon” to the kids.

If you think the children of today are screwed up now, just wait until the transgender campaign really kicks into high gear. When that happens you can bet your bottom dollar that every family will enjoy a child who decides to become gender fluid. When and where does this madness stop?

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