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Walter Reed High School in Northern Hollywood, California has taken the ‘white privilege’ movement one step further on the path to criminalizing whiteness. The school will be facing cuts in their school staff and budget cuts even though they have an increasing enrollment of students.

These cuts are not due to a shortage of revenue as a reasonable person might assume. These reductions are being made because the school educates too many white children. The law limits funds for schools with a higher population of white students.

What we have now is a society of non-white racists who are working around the clock to institute laws and policy which punish the white man for what they perceive to be centuries of social injustice. These individuals are only interested in civil rights as directed at people of color.

To argue that this bigoted legality is blatant reverse discrimination is tantamount to calling brain surgery a routine procedure. This action against white children is heinous. The Los Angeles Unified School District is vilifying students for their skin color. Prohibiting kids from an equal opportunity education because they are not children of color should be alarming to all Americans, not just white people. It is a signal as to what is coming.

The Los Angeles school system is basically enacting Jim Crow laws designed for white children.

But we shouldn’t be surprised. We have seen this movie before, because it has been playing at theaters everywhere across the nation known as college campuses. White students are being restricted from events, clubs, and even certain regions of campus. Organizations designed to give students of color the opportunity to complain against white students are growing amidst the university white privilege madness.

Recently UC Berkley student protesters blocked a bridge on the college campus forcing white children to walk under the bridge and through the water to get to their classes. Students of color were permitted to pass and walk across the bridge. I would like to know, “Where were the students of color who refused to walk across the bridge because their white peers were not allowed across? Where was the counter group of non-white students who demanded that their white classmates be allowed to walk across the bridge with them in unity?”

White Americans shrug their shoulders as they wait for the white privilege foolishness to blow over. But it’s not going to, folks. We aren’t talking about a group of school kids who are intermittently disrupting the learning environment for white students. This is a worldwide movement designed to rid the world of white privileged people, and the only credential that makes a person considered to be of white privilege is his skin color.

The anti-white movement is a well-funded campaign, and it is seeping into every vestige of our culture. It is here to stay, and unless drastic reform comes to our university system, it will end very badly.

The universities are graduating the anti-white students who will become tomorrow’s authoritarians. They will be the leaders and decision makers across the board. And because of their non-white status, they will rise to the top of their professions.

The first step is the lack of funding for educating whites. The next step will be the shortage of funding for healthcare for whites. In the not-to-distant future, white people will experience being denied certain coverage for more expensive procedures, if this white oppression is not squashed.

The Jews in Hitler’s Germany did not suddenly wake up one morning to find that they were being herded into cattle cars and moved to Auschwitz or other concentration camps. The Jewish persecution was a baby-step process. The Jewish Holocaust was an incremental system of mistreatment. It began with Jew-bashing and escalated.

And while some Jews recognized the immediate dangers and fled, others took the road of self-inflicted ignorance. They denied, they denied, they denied. And they paid the price for their denials with their lives and the lives of their children.

Survivors are always one step ahead of their adversaries who wish them harm. And understanding the game-plan is paramount to survival. Never ignore the distress signs. Recognize them and make an effort to reverse course.

Make no mistake about it; we are on the road to white ethnic cleansing. We don’t have to reach that destination if we take the detour. But the detour requires some energy, some knowledge of history, and a willingness to fight the system.

President Trump can’t fix it. It takes all of us. Stop the madness of white guilt and white privilege. We must work to unite Americans of all colors.

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