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If there is a downside to Twitter and other forms of social media, it would have to be that it reveals the inner senselessness of some people.

And this would hold true to Chelsea Clinton. As I have written before, Chelsea is preparing for a political career, and she is busy seeking relevance. She has written a book or more than likely attached her name to a book that someone else was paid to author. But most noticeably, she is mixing it up in the Twitter world with tweets which are not becoming to her intelligence or lack thereof.

Her attempts at securing noteworthy attention are falling short of her political aspirations. To the contrary, they are damaging what little chance she has of being perceived seriously as a leader.

In the past week Chelsea has presented herself as a hopeless fool on Twitter. She is exposing her gullibility and appears senseless if her tweets are any indication of her thought processes.

Her first absurd tweet was in reference to Abraham Lincoln. The Republican Party in Palm Beach, Florida was having a Lincoln Day Dinner on March 24th at the Mar-a-lago Club. The photo on the dinner program portrayed Abraham Lincoln wearing a “Make America Great Again” ball cap.

Chelsea, in all her puerile wonderment, tweeted, “Please tell me this is photoshopped. Please?” No Chelsea, Abraham Lincoln played ball for the “Make America Great Again” team. It’s real.

What was this young lady thinking? She was seriously concerned that Abraham Lincoln wore a “Make America Great Again” hat. Chelsea’s critical thinking skills are obviously deficient.

Again, she drew negative attention to herself this past weekend concerning a billboard in Asheville, North Carolina. The billboard was an advertisement for Spicer-Greene Jewelers. It read, “Sometimes it’s okay to throw rocks at girls.” The so-called ‘rocks’ were gemstones which surrounded the sentence. There were giant diamonds, sapphires, emeralds, amethysts, and other gemstone ‘rocks’ scattered across the billboard.

Chelsea Clinton tweeted, “Talking about hitting girls is never funny. Ever!” Whether it is a naivete or a disconnect with sound reasoning, Chelsea is proving herself to be incapable of abstract thinking.

Growing up as the only child of the Clintons must have been a very lonely existence. And watching parents scratch, claw, and worse for power could not have been a pleasant or character-building experience, especially since little girl Clinton falls short of political prowess.

Is Chelsea seeking a public life because she knows nothing else or because it is expected of her? Are her parents using her to keep their own political feet warm?

If Chelsea had at least one of the public-pleasing characteristics which attract voters, she could foreseeably win an election with her name. But she isn’t attractive, aggressive, intelligent, or quick-witted, and she cannot win an election without one of those traits.

Someone in the Democrat Party needs to save Chelsea Clinton from herself, since it doesn’t seem likely that her parents are going to give her that much needed parental advice.

Either cancel her Twitter account or hide her cell phone for her own sake. She is becoming a joke, and she needs to be pitied.

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