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Mamas, hold onto your sons, because if the LBGT crowd has its way, your boys are not going to be boys much longer. The indoctrination to establish a society of effeminate men has been well under way for at least two decades, and the world has been generating a global society of sissies.

Is it any wonder that western civilization has been lacking culture warriors? We have become a social order of snowflakes and namby-pamby weaklings.

And the “take the boy out of the boy” movement is making progress and picking up steam. Four thousand Australian teachers are now preparing to take a training program designed to teach educators how to spot four year old children who “enact sexist values, beliefs, and attitudes.”

Defender’s of the program argue that sexism first begins to appear in pre-school. The document concerning the program reads, “As young children learn about gender, they may also begin to enact sexist values, beliefs, and attitudes that may contribute to disrespect and gender inequality. It will build the capacity of educators to use reflective practice to critically evaluate their work with children using anti-bias approaches specifically regarding gender bias.”

Teachers are going to be trained to refrain from using sexist expressions such as, “boys will be boys.” Will it be a crime to say that “girls are sugar and spice and everything nice?”

Australia’s minister for Families and Children, Jenny Mikakos, refers to the program as necessary for early childhood development. She states that it will prevent family violence in the long run.

Meanwhile, back in the good ole U. S. of A., our young children are gearing up for the new Christmas book due out in October 2017. The book, “Santa’s Husband,” is, you guessed it, about a gay Santa Claus and his husband who looks just like him except the husband is black. Santa’s husband often fills in for him at malls, according to this delightful story.

And never doubt that there aren’t pre-school and elementary teachers in America who are anticipating the reading of this book to their school children during the holidays. What fun!

The educational system may not guarantee you that your child can read, but by golly the progressive teachers sure are going to make sure your kids aren’t normal. And the beat goes on!

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