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The culture war in Europe between the western lifestyle and Muslim civilization is just heating up. First the Europeans had to contend with the sexual crimes which were imported with the Muslim migrants. And now comes the confrontation between the gay community and the Muslims.

Muslim parents at a school in Berlin, upon recently discovering that the male kindergarten teacher is gay, have demanded that he be fired. The parents see the gay man as a danger. The school, however, refuses to fire the man, even though the kindergartners in the class are predominantly Muslim.

What I found to be extremely unusual was the job description of the teacher. As the school spokeswoman described the job of a normal educator, “You touch the children, you dress them, you see them naked.” Say what!!!!

Since when did the job of a kindergarten teacher become one in which it was necessary to see the children naked? As an educator, I find this highly inappropriate and weird. Unless the child is physically handicapped and cannot perform basic functions, teachers have no business “seeing the children naked or dressing them.”

Prior to learning that the male kindergarten teacher was gay, the parents were already shocked to learn that the teacher was male. The gay teacher complained that “Parents are constantly looking at me.”

As the Muslim population in Germany continues to grow, thanks to Angela Merkel, these issues of culture clashes will amplify. You cannot invite hundreds of thousands of people from a different culture into your nation without demanding that they assimilate. One culture will eventually devour the other. Because of the aggressive nature of the Islamic people and the passive nature of those in the West, the Muslims will come out on top in Germany and the other European countries who have allowed the migrants to have control of their societies.

What is occurring in Europe is just a preview of what is going to be materializing in America. We are just two steps behind the clash of civilizations which is intensifying abroad.

The Democrat embrace of Muslim migrants and their insistence that terrorism not be coupled with the word “Islamic” has been an enigma. As they do with all things, Liberals deny reality. They have a perceived delusion that they will champion even if it conflicts with the basic tenets of their core progressive philosophy.

One of the most sacrosanct issues of the Progressives is globalism and welcoming the influx of Muslims into the western culture. But on the other hand, abortion, feminism, gender fluidity, transgenderism, and homosexuality are the sacred cows of liberalism. Water meet oil.

Liberalism and Islam are oxymorons. Islam cannot flourish in a liberal culture, and liberalism is a direct affront to the teachings of the Koran. Yet, the Democrats maintain support for both of these polar opposite philosophies.

Keep in mind that it is the Democrats who embrace the Muslims and their oppressive culture. The Muslims do not welcome the liberal world view. In truth, the Muslims in Islamic countries commit violent acts against gays and feminists. Throwing gays off of rooftops without penalty is legal in the Islamic world as is killing women who dishonor their families.

Yet, dogmatic Democrats ignore all the facts which warn of the eventual confrontation between those Americans with Judeo-Christians principles and the growing Muslim population which demands Sharia Law and the extermination of infidels.

Liberals always want things both ways. They are notoriously the party of double standards. And in one of their most arbitrary and pigheaded theories, they want to blend the fanaticism of the Islamic culture with their amoral extremism of progressive ideology.

It can’t work. It won’t work. It will blow up in the faces of the Democrats as it should, because they are the people who created this monster.

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  1. Several years ago I started educating myself on Muslim ideology, the Quran and Islamic immigration strategies. This educational journey has been truly enlightening. When I began reading about this middle eastern ‘religion’ it quickly became obvious the world was being deceived. We should be very skeptical when we hear anyone say that Islam is a religion since this statement usually precedes a bold face lie about Muslim motivation. Islam is an imperialistic ideology with the objective to create a world Caliphate where Jews and Christians have no place. The Quran encourages Muslim’s to lie if it enhances Islam. So when the word ‘religion’ is associated with Islam, be just as cautious as you would if you see a guy in the schoolyard dressed in a raincoat holding candy and claiming to be kid friendly. Most people obviously understand the risks associated in my example of the raincoat guy because we have some prior knowledge of his motivation. Ignorance of Islam is the precise reason liberals and many conservatives cuddle up to and promote acceptance of Muslims. Their immigration strategy is brilliant. They are keenly aware of America’s desire to be open to the diversity of all people. Unfortunately, they also know we see only the candy and not the raincoat.

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