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Vice President Mike Pence is not only a very moral man, but he’s obviously smarter than the average politician. We learned this week that Pence has some personal rules that he has set for himself regarding his marriage and impropriety.

The Vice President set standards for his own behavior years ago in regards to his wife, other women, and salacious gossip. He took precautions by refusing to dine alone with any woman other than his wife and to never attend an event where alcohol is served without his wife at his side.

And almost comically, the Left erupted with disgust and anger. These Democrat goons are so predictable. Of course, they are going to be outraged by Mike Pence’s moral principles. The Democrat Party is the party of pink pussyhats, abortion on demand, and graphic sex education in schools. Surely, Americans didn’t believe the Liberals would embrace Pence’s virtuous intentions of remaining loyal to his wife.

As one would expect, the liberal media went into high gear charging Pence with sex discrimination. Feminists and their male counterparts were up in arms claiming that women would not have the same professional opportunities as men, because they couldn’t dine alone with Pence. Baloney!

Whatever happened to conference rooms and conference calls? Women do not have to sit down “alone” over dinner with a man to get a raise or professional promotion. And any man or woman who would try to insist that they must dine alone with a member of the opposite sex in order to assess their job qualifications is lying.

Business deals do not have to be made over dinner, and they do not have to be made over drinks. They can be made in the office without the wining and dining. But that’s not even the issue.

Mike Pence doesn’t want to meet alone with other women. Not only is that a tribute to his wife and exemplify his love for her, but it speaks to his character. He takes his marriage seriously.

Pence owes no woman, other than his wife, his undivided attention. He can do his job effectively and without bias without meeting one on one with a female.

But I believe Pence is far wiser than the other typical Washington politicians. Mike Pence is not just protecting his wife. He is protecting his reputation. In the dog-eat-dog world of politics, how many men have been victims of vindictive women paid off by their opposition.

Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas understands better than most people just how damaging a woman can be to your career and honor. In his 1991 confirmation hearing, Thomas was the victim of Anita Hill who claimed that while “dining alone” with Thomas, he said, “Who put this pubic hair in my coke?”

Hill was a political pawn for the Democrat Party, and she almost derailed Thomas’ confirmation. And if she had been successful with her lies, this country would have paid a heavy price. Without Thomas on the bench, this country would not be standing on its legs today. Granted our legs are wobbly, but Thomas was one of the men who kept us on our feet.

Herman Cain’s 2012 attempt at the GOP primary was foiled by women who claimed Cain had made inappropriate remarks to them. It cost Cain, who is a good conservative man, his shot at beating Barack Obama. And I believe he would have been a much better candidate than Mitt Romney.

Many good men have fallen due to the lies of illicit and power-hungry women. It is difficult for a man to become untangled from the allegations of a woman, particularly an attractive younger woman. Once the claim is made, it sticks. And for the man, in particular if he is Republican, his career is usually never the same. And the families, especially the wife, feels disgraced, even if her husband was innocent.

Washington D.C. is the town of exploitation, blackmail, extortion, and secrets. Information is gathered and held until it is politically expedient to release it to the press. How many good men have voted against their own principles for fear of being the victims of false allegations and yes, some for illicit affairs?

David Petraeus would know a lot about blackmail. Exactly what did happen in Benghazi, General Petraeus?

Mike Pence is a hero in my book. His wife should be one very proud woman. Her husband is true to her and himself. You certainly don’t find marriages like that in Washington D.C. Congratulations, Mr. and Mrs. Pence!

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