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Chuck Schumer announced today on “Meet the Press” that President Trump should drop Judge Neil Gorsuch for a mainstream nominee. He proposed that the Republican leadership break with the problem they have concerning Gorsuch not getting the sixty votes needed for confirmation by turning to the Democrats for help.

Schumer suggests that the Republican majority not use the nuclear option to push Gorsuch through after the Democrats filibuster. He wants President Trump to sit down with the Democrats and Republicans to brainstorm over a mainstream nominee appealing to both sides. Fat chance, Chuckie!

The hubris of the Democrats continues to amaze me at times. These guys still can’t get it through their empty noggins that they lost the election. They want a jump ball when the GOP has the ball. And they think the Republicans are willing to play by their rules.

Just yesterday the radical DNC chair Tom Perez went on a rant claiming that President Trump didn’t win the election and that the Republicans don’t give a sh*t about people. It was just more dribble and blather from the far left.

At every turn the left-wing media, left-wing celebrities, and Democrat Congress are warning Republicans that they are going to impeach the GOP president while others in the party are openly suggesting that he be killed.

But then Schumer turns around and advocates that the two polar opposite parties agree to dump Gorsuch and pick a “mainstream” nominee. To be sure, Schumer’s idea of a mainstream nominee would be a global elite from the Ninth Circuit of Appeals.

The Democrats have been empowered by the judicial activists who continue to smack down Trump policy and challenge his executive privilege through judicial overreach and unwarranted lawsuits. They believe that they can resist and obstruct the Trump agenda by freezing the ball.

This week the Republicans are at the free throw line. They have the chance to put Gorsuch right through the hoop into the Supreme Court of the United States. The Democrats cannot block this shot. Only the Republicans can throw this ball away. And it is crunch time.

It is time for the Democrats to understand that they don’t have the ball, and they aren’t getting it back. Republicans need to put Gorsuch in and move forward towards the tax bill and a revisit of the repeal of Obamacare. There is much to accomplish. It’s time for a full court press!!

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