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The Gatestone Institute is a non-partisan, not-for-profit think tank in New York City which describes itself as dedicated to informing the public about issues the mainstream media fails to report. In that case, this organization must be a bustling and hustling hub of information.

Yesterday Gatestone reported that, “London is more Islamic than many Islamic countries put together.” And that is according to Maulana Syed Raza Rizvi, an Islamic preacher who is a leader in Londonistan.

Londonistan is the nickname that has been given to London because of its Islamic boom. British multiculturalism is the feast that sustains Islamic fundamentalism.

Most notably and alarming is that Londonistan has 423 new mosques amidst 500 church closings. Churches are, in fact, being converted into mosques. But it’s not just the churches which are being converted. So, are the Christians. New conversions have become so plentiful that overcrowding is a problem, and the people are spilling into the streets to pray.

England is rapidly becoming a Muslim nation, and Christianity is dying.

Meanwhile, Americans are on the same course as the British and Europeans. They have allowed multiculturalism to dictate acceptable and unacceptable behaviors. They have permitted political correctness to command policy.

As our government illegally brings tens if not hundreds of thousands of unvetted Muslim migrants, wishing to change the Judeo-Christian western lifestyle, into the United States, Democrats fight for the rights of these non-citizens to change the course of our national history.

Just like they have in Londonistan.

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