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As Mark Twain once said, “If you tell the truth, you don’t have to remember anything.” One can only assume that Susan Rice is not an avid reader of Twain as she has positioned herself where she has to remember everything, which has become a task of significant difficulty for Barack Obama’s former National Security Advisor.

Rice has been embroiled in one scandal after another, the latest being her alleged ordered surveillance of Donald Trump’s 2016 election campaign aides and the unmasking of their identities. She used her position and power to “spy” on Trump’s people for no other reason than to gather intelligence for political purposes.

The Intelligence Community provided Rice with her requested detailed spread sheets and the intercepted legal phone calls of Trump’s associates. The gathering of the information was an ongoing development for a year prior to the 2016 presidential election.

Prior to this latest scandal, Rice had been under fire for saying in 2014 that Sargent Bowe Bergdahl had served with honor and distinction. Bergdahl was responsible for the deaths of six soldiers who had died searching for him after he deserted and abandoned his outpost in 2009. He was charged with treason in 2015.

Rice deliberately lied to the American people when she made her rounds on the Sunday morning talk shows in 2012, declaring that the Benghazi attack was caused by an anti-Islam video. Rice’s blatant deception was a political ploy to relieve Barack Obama of the political fallout just weeks before his re-election.

Despite Obama’s declaration that his military operation in Yemen was successful, Rice stated that there is no military solution to the Yemen conflict. Whatever happened to getting your stories straight?

From all appearances, Susan Rice has been played by Barack Obama. She was the anxious-to-please advisor who became Obama’s stooge. She is his fall-guy, as it is highly unlikely that he will ever be held accountable for any of his spy games or nefarious and illicit activities.

Rice asserted yesterday on MSNBC that she did unmask the names of political enemies, but it was not for political reasons. (Of course not, Susan.) According to the woman in the hot seat, “That is absolutely false. I was the national security advisor. My job is to protect the American people and the security of our country. I leaked nothin to nobody and never have and never would. Let me explain this. First, to talk about the contents of a classified report – to talk about the individuals on the foreign side, who were the targets of the report itself, or any Americans that may have collected upon incidentally is to disclose classified information I’m not going to do that. Those people putting these stories out are doing just that. (Doing just what, Susan?). I can’t describe any particular report, and I have no idea what reports. I don’t know the time frame, the subject matter, and I don’t know who they think was collected upon.” (Any broken English, run-on sentences, and improper grammar in the above passage is attributed to Rice’s own statement. It is written just as she stated.

And I would wager that when Rice is subpoenaed by Congress to testify as to why citizens of the United States, who had committed no unlawful acts, were under surveillance and their names leaked, she will plead the Fifth.

Rice’s body language and litany of mumbo jumbo explanations will tell the tale of her guilt. She is beginning to squirm. Her thought processes are broken as she makes an effort at untangling the web of deceit that her boss, Barack Obama, undoubtedly helped her spin.

Rice is the proverbial sucker. And I would wager that she’s not very bright. She says she leaked “nothing to nobody.” Alas, the true words of a scholar. To be sure, she knows nuttin’ about nuttin.’


  1. Well if Trump administration was under surveillance for over a year and “they” ( according to Dr. Farkas) already know everything, why would they still be harping on this collusion about Trump/Russia election when they already listened to everything and already know there is nothing to talk about..why continue on with the money wasting investigation? how backward is that? Those Washington Democrats are crazy pompass a$$es!

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