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So, now Bill O’Reilly is in the hot seat at Fox News for sexual harassment. First it was Roger Ailes, and now it’s O’Reilly’s turn to fight the charges of the aggrieved accusers.

There have been rumors of O’Reilly’s overt sexual aggression towards women at Fox in the past, but settlements have incurred, and people moved on. I would contend that many of the allegations are legitimate, but I would also presume that others are bogus.

There is money to be made in climbing on the bandwagon in a sexual harassment suit. If the precedence has been set that the defendant is guilty of sexual harassment or has the appearance of being blameworthy, accusers often come out of the woodwork. The aroma of easy money can be detected from far away.

These secondary complainants are assumed to be genuine, because it has already been established that the defendant is liable for similar allegations in the past. They collect a cool settlement without doing much of anything except filing a lawsuit and letting their lawyer be their voices. Many of these wrongful accusers remain anonymous. It’s easy peasy and often a great deal for an individual looking for the quick buck.

On the other hand, Bill O’Reilly is a pompous man with an authoritarian personality. I would not doubt that some of his accusers have valid reasons to be distressed over his advances.

But 21st Century Fox is supporting O’Reilly. None of the employees who are alleging Bill’s misconduct ever bothered to file complaints with HR, which is the first step in the process of filing a grievance for workplace sexual harassment. An internal investigation of the said sexual aggression could not take place without a complaint being filed.

O’Reilly’s latest accuser is a radio host and television commentator, Dr. Wendy Walsh. Walsh is a relationship expert, giving advice on dating, marriage, and parenting. According to the attractive television personality, she was a guest on O’Reilly’s show, and he later asked her to his hotel room. She alleges that because she turned him down, she was never invited back onto his show.

Assuming Walsh is being honest in her account of the harassment, I would have a question for her. Why would you want to go back onto his show? And is it not possible that O’Reilly was not that impressed with your expertise? I have no doubt that there are many guests on The Factor which are not given a second invitation.

If O’Reilly asked Walsh, who is a married woman, for her sexual favors, shame on him. As I have said, he is undoubtedly overly-confident of his sexual appeal. And may I say, “YUCK!”?

But he is not Walsh’s boss or supervisor. He has no control over her career, and he has the liberty to choose or not to choose her as a contributor on his show. If he asked her to his hotel room, could she have not just said, “NO,” and walked away? Surely, Bill O’Reilly is not the first man to have ever made such suggestive remarks to Mrs. Walsh. But probably the richest.

It would be of interest to know if O’Reilly’s accusers are politically antagonistic to the host of the No-Spin Zone. And it would be equally as thought-provoking to know if the advertisers which have dropped “The Factor” have a history of supporting left-leaning social issues.

While I find Bill O’Reilly to be very possibly culpable of the charges against him, it seems odd that the squaws are circling Bill’s wagon at this particular tumultuous political time, especially when O’Reilly is one of the few media personalities that is friendly to President Trump. Coincidence? Maybe.

The Fox women are routinely referred to as the Fox Babes. And obviously, Rupert Murdoch and Roger Ailes were searching for women who could lure viewers with their sex appeal. Insisting that the women show their legs, without hose, while propping many of the women on uncomfortable and high stools was not by accident.

Fox News Babes are a commodity for the network. They know this. These women use their appearance to elevate their careers. They want face time, and they know how to work it. And they know how to work the egotistical men. But when you put out the bait, you often catch the fish that you don’t want. They should know this. More importantly, arrogant men should know that their unwelcome advances will get them in trouble……..eventually.

Lisa Bloom, Wendy Walsh’s attorney, said that “Bill O’Reilly is going to be driven out.” Bloom is a civil rights attorney and the daughter of the very liberal feminist Gloria Allred. The feminists are going after Bill O’Reilly. Now who would have seen that coming?

Last night O’Reilly announced that he is going on vacation. Will he come back, or is this the beginning of the end of Bill’s pilgrimage at Fox News?

If I were a betting woman, I would wager that Bill O’Reilly is the target of a feminist witch hunt. And whether he is guilty of sexual harassment or not, the witches are going to bring him down and take him out of what was an extremely lucrative career..

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  1. I pray if these allegations re try that Ms Walsh will settle out of court,

    Bill O’ Reilly has THE best show on Fox News… PERIOD!

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