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A video is circulating the internet of a wild horse attacking an alligator at a Florida State Park. Visitors to the park are filming the wild horses grazing as an alligator lies in wait within yards of the mustangs. While most of the horses appear oblivious to the alligator’s presence, one horse grazes with an eye on the alligator.

But the one horse, whom I will dub as the “watchman on the wall,” cannot enjoy his dining experience as he must rightfully focus on the stealth of the lurking gator. The watchman becomes impatient after thirty seconds of interrupted feeding, and he slowly approaches the alligator. His intent is not to kill the alligator but to send a forceful message, that being, “Get the hell out of here, or I will hurt you.”

First, the watchman steps on the gator. When the gator cringes but doesn’t leave, the horse makes another run at the gator, kicking him vigorously. The gator flips in the air and then crawls off. The very wise horse returns to his pasture.

The sight was a fine moment for lovers of nature and wild beasts in their natural habitat. But after the horse’s aggression, one of the witnesses filming the event whined, “Just leave him alone.” The woman, whom I would wager is a Liberal, was referencing the horse being unkind to the alligator. News reports tout that the crowd took the side of the gator. Unbelievable!

Horses are just so mean and aggressive…NOT! This woman, who was so upset by the action taken by the horse, is clueless as to the horse’s domain and the nature of alligators. She so naively believed that the horse was the aggressor. It never occurred to her that the horse, who lived in the park amongst the gators, knew exactly what the sneaky gator had planned. And undoubtedly, the scene which played out in front of the crowd is not uncommon activity in the park.

He was waiting for a moment in which he could catch just one horse off guard and swiftly attack his prey. He was scouting out what he perceived to be his next big meal. The watchman knew this and sent the gator packing. The horse was not interested in chasing the gator and stomping him to death. He was merely protecting his herd.

But of course, there had to be Liberals in the group who were upset with the defensive horse. Had the alligator managed to nab one of the horses, the Liberals would have said, “Well, the gator just needed to eat.”

Because the horse was wise and understood the character and instincts of his adversary the alligator, he was able to prevent what would have been an inevitable attack on one of the horses in his pack. The alligator was inspecting the herd for the purpose of finding the opportunity for a strike. The momentary aggression of the horse was a message, not a death knell for the gator.

The video reminded me of the message that President Trump has been sending to the world with his strikes in Syria and Afghanistan. He authorized our military to wipe out air fields and chemical weapons in Syria, and caves and tunnels which harbored ISIS operatives in Afghanistan. Both strikes were not declarations of war. They were merely one-offs. They were big messages to enemies of humanity.

In yesterday’s strike against ISIS, the United States military used what is being called the “Mother of All Bombs.” Sounds pretty powerful to me. And with this bomb and the visual images, President Trump and his generals sent a powerful message to China, to Russia, to North Korea, and all of the heavy-handed dictators of the world.

The message was, “AMERICA IS BACK!” Even horses know that you must let your enemies know that you wish them no harm but that if they even think about causing you harm, they will become the object of your ungodly wrath.

It is the way of the world, but more importantly, it is nature’s way. Even the horses understood the philosophy of the Great President Ronald Reagan; PEACE THROUGH STRENGTH! It is the only way!

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