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President Donald Trump is far from perfect as a man. He has a history of behavior that has been less than flattering to his character, but he also has a record of incredible achievement and a fearless attitude. It was because of his accomplishment and his ‘in your face’ approach to those who take a swing at him that he won the race for the White House.

But some of the columnists at “Redstate” online, in particular, Susan Wright, cannot move past the fact that Trump won the presidency. From the get-go Erick Erickson’s online conservative blogsite for right of center columnists has catered to anti-Trump opinion makers. Erickson was a vocal opponent of Trump’s nomination.

While Erickson has reconciled with the fact that Trump won the election, Wright seems to delight in stewing in her own bitter anti-Trump juices. Her predictable anti-Trump commentaries are frequent and riddled with half-truths to support her “get Trump” agenda. Although I find most of her columns to be annoying, I am curious as to how far this gumby-like woman is willing to stretch. So, I continue to punish myself with her rants against Trump.

My annoyance with her is not as a result of my devotion to President Trump. I am a hesitant Trump supporter having voted for him because of my intense dislike for the despicable Hillary Clinton and my hopes that Trump will save the Supreme Court. I give Trump the benefit of the doubt until he gives me reason not to do so. I also give Trump latitude with which to learn from his own mistakes as long as I sense his sincerity.

President Trump has a mess to deal with, which was created by not only Barack Obama and the Democrats but by the Republican Washington Establishment. He has made remarkable progress in his almost one hundred days in office. But Wright continues to focus on non-issues or her conjured up concerns.

The headlines on “Redstate” this morning read, “Trump Wants Tax Day Protesters Investigated.” Sounds dictatorial, doesn’t it? And that’s exactly what Wright wanted the readers to believe when they read the headline.

Except for the fact that she wasn’t telling the truth with her headline, it sounded ominous. The truth is that Trump tweeted, “Someone should look into who paid for the small organized rallies yesterday. The election is over.”

The specifics of the tweet were the words, “who paid for the rallies.” Anyone who has been paying attention to politics and the anti-Trump rallies understands to what Trump is referring. The rallies springing up to demand his income tax returns are not spontaneous rallies. They are not even about his income tax returns.

These rallies are orchestrated protests paid for by George Soros, and the actors are paid protesters rather than average Americans wanting to see Trump’s taxes. Trump merely wants it made public that the protests are not of grass roots origin.

When the Left lost the argument about Trump’s involvement with the Russians, they had no place to go. They went to the only haven they knew where they could question Trump’s legitimacy, and that was on his non-public tax returns.

And Newsflash to Susan Wright and the Left; Donald Trump won the election. He is the President of the United States, and he is not obliged to show you Trump-haters anything that is not mandated for him to show you.

Wright described Trump’s tweet as “Somewhere in his mind, he thought being president meant that everyone would love him, and there would be no dissent ever again. And then he assumed the job and his fantasy of the job didn’t align with the reality. Such is the cognitive dissonance going on in Trump’s brain, regarding this lack of love he’s feeling, that he lashed out at weekend protesters who took to the streets to demand he finally release his tax returns. What you don’t do, Donnie, is threaten to ‘look into’ or crack down on those people who chose to spend their Saturday protesting. Something about the government not to prohibit the citizens to peaceably assemble or petitioning the government for redress of grievances.”

Wow! Gumby Wright had to stretch pretty darn far to link Trump to a “crack down” and to disallowing citizens from assembling in protest. He wants it made public that Soros is behind the protests. And I don’t blame him.

We want the truth, Gumby, not your Trump-hating version of cognitive dissonance.


  1. I wanted to thank the RedState editors for limiting Wright’s articles of late and came across this post. I had been ready to skip the site. Agree absolutely with the Jan ‘18 post by ‘Douglas’ – not a Trump supporter per se but can’t waste a moment reading her articles….why bother when you know from the headline what is coming.

  2. Susan Wright has gone further off the cliff. Today, the House Intel Committee voted to release the memo, there have already been leaks about it so we pretty much know what is in it, and Susan Wright is staring down at the carpet counting pieces of lint while a 3,000 lb. elephant is standing right in front of her.

    Clueless woman, has no idea what is going on.

    Wright also wrote a piece today saying she “abhors” immoral, low-life attacks on people. What a hypocrite! That’s all she does – low-life attacks on people. No research, no proper sourcing, just her immature, blind, biased opinions.

    I emailed Erick Erickson at The Resurgent, asking him to follow and edit her articles. He still runs Redstate and sometimes runs Wright’s articles on The Resurgent.

    I have no idea how Wright ever got a writing gig anywhere.

    • I agree, Susan. She is obsessive with her hatred for Trump and lacks even an inkling of objectivity. Her writing is mediocre at best, yet her commentaries headline RedState. If Erick Erickson continues to promote her, he needs to change the name of his website, because with her on board, it is definitely moving towards the blue end of the spectrum.

      • Hi, JudyBeth –

        Susan Wright, who calls herself a conservative, is now believing what Adam Schiff is saying about the memo. Unbelievable.

        Personally, I don’t find RedState to be a professional site. The writers are amateurs, who have never learned how to write well.

        But Susan Wright is the one I find irritating. I think it’s because she seems so arrogant, a know-it-all who seems to take pleasure in bitterly attacking people. And she doesn’t find this in conflict with her Christian faith.

        Just as she doesn’t find her hatred of Pres. Trump in conflict with the conservative things he’s doing.

        In short, Wright simply does not see clearly, either herself or the world.

        I contacted Salem Media Group, told them my concerns, urged them to follow her blogs and to at least get an editor to read them so that they’re not disseminating her false statements. She can keep her dopey opinions, but she shouldn’t be printing false statements.

        Thanks for your reply, JudyBeth. And keep writing!

        • Thank you, Susan. You reflect my sentiments exactly. Most RedState writers are anti-Trump, but Wright’s attitude is laced with vitriol. I rarely even read RedState anymore, but I did click over out of curiosity to confirm my personal prediction that she would indeed stand with the Left. A true conservative would never find the corruption of our intelligence agencies to be a political issue. At one time I tried to find a forum in which I could message Wright, but she seems to have insulated herself from the opinion of others. I find it helpful to know a writer’s background, because it gives the reader an insight into the writer’s personal biases and lack of objectivity. I could find nothing about Susan Wright. Her lack of writing talent even adds to the mystery, because most editors distance themselves from radical columnists, particularly writers with mediocre talents. I have wondered if she is a left-wing player who has found a venue for influencing conservatives on a website which lures conservative readers…….. I use sarcasm occasionally when I write. But Susan Wright is nothing without her sarcastic and acrimonious loathing of Trump and his supporters. And if you notice, the only women writers who have the acidic and hostile taste of malice threaded throughout their opinion pieces are almost always from the Left. Anne Coulter uses a lot of sarcasm, and in my personal opinion, it’s a little more than I prefer, but unlike Wright, Ann is consistent with her professed ideology and she is superior to Wright in her knowledge and writing talents. Anne’s sarcasm lends itself to humor rather than virulence………..A knowledge of Wright’s background would definitely give us direction as to her motive, and I think that is certainly why she has gone to great links to prevent us from knowing her identity. For a woman who talks tough and oozes such arrogance, she seems to be nothing more than a weak charlatan.

      • I honestly don’t know what happened to RedState. I’ve been reading that site since it launched in 2004 and it was always a good source of rational, conservative, pro-America patriotic material. Just like National Review. But for whatever reason many RedState writers have simply lost their minds! And it’s not just them, the list of people who USED to be good, patriotic Republicans who loved their country but are now nothing short of traitorous is crazy long. Just off the top of my head, David Brooks, Richard Epstein, Steve Schmidt, Erick Erickson, Rick Wilson, David Frum, Michael Gerson, Charles Krauthammer, MAx Boot, Robert Kagan, Matt Lewis, Kevin Madden, Ana Navarro, John Podhoretz, Jennifer Rubin, Ben Shapiro, Bret Stephens, Charlie Sykes, George Will, Glenn Beck, Bill Kristol, Rosario Marin, Ross Douthat, and of course Jeff Flake, ALL of them have apparently been infected with some kind of mind control agent, that’s the only explanation I can think of to make that many people turn on their country after so many years of loving it.

        It’s very sad. They all need to get some help right away!

  3. Ha. I was looking for an email address for her and stumbled across this post and comments. Completely agree. I usually don’t look at the writer’s name before I start reading the article, but it has gotten so bad that I can tell it’s her article within the first couple of sentences, sometimes even just the headline. I don’t have a problem with people criticizing Trump, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen her write a single nice or even marginally neutral thing about him. It’s very distasteful. I don’t think every single RS writer has to be a rapid Trump supporter (I’m certainly not) but this kind of venom is best left to the CNNs of the world. As soon as I figure out it’s her, I’ve now stopped bothering to read further.

    • Douglas, those are my sentiments exactly. I have no problem with those who dislike Trump, and in many instances I understand their view. But Susan Wright literally drools an open hostility for Trump all over the RedState website. Like you, when I see a Redstate headline critical of Trump, and it’s not attached with a byline, I know immediately that she is the author. She can’t even bring herself to give Trump any credit. Good writers must have an ounce of objectivity in their writing or they destroy their credibility. She wrote one particular commentary several months back when Trump was first accused of collusion and the media was playing it up as though they had all they needed to impeach him. Wright, in her excitement, wrote a piece in which she even commented that she was happy to say, “I told you so.” Such a comment is so unbecoming of a published writer………..She lacks credibility because of her extreme biases against Trump, and she demonstrates mediocre writing talent at best. Her very presence on the writing staff of Redstate warrants that the online publication submit to a name change. She takes the “red” right out of the discussion.

    • I completely agree with the comment about reading an article and knowing Susan Wright is the author before even looking at who wrote it. Her misleading headlines and incessant counter arguing ANYTHING that could be shown to be in President Trump’s favor is getting old. I feel like a sucker every time I click on one of her articles and have determined this morning, after reading one of her postings, that I won’t be reading anymore.

  4. I agree with all of you regarding Susan Wright at Redstate. She is not intelligent and is a poor writer. She has no knowledge of how to write good news analysis.

    She isn’t able to write intelligent criticism of Trump; she’s simply constantly searching for what she perceives as awful things Trump does. Constant spinning her mental wheels and stewing in anger. Sad that some people live like that. It must be exhausting.

    She has no email address that I could find. What kind of “writer” has no email address for readers to contact her??

    I emailed editor at Redstate about Wright’s crappy writing. No one got back to me.

  5. Great article about Susan Wright. She will never get over the fact, that Ted Cruz was not the Republican nominee. She has a pathological hatred of President Trump.

    • I agree, Jane. It is a pathological hatred for Trump, and so much so that he rarely writes of anything except criticism for Trump. It is perfectly normal for rational people to disagree with some of Trump’s behaviors or decisions, but when there are so many things to write about, Wright continues to obsess about Trump. And her obsession and nitpicking really damage any credibility she might have. She is an “angry” writer, and I find that unattractive.

        • She has a column today of New York Times’ readers’ depth of vituperation, even crediting anti-Trumpers with enough “evidence” to warrant a gazillion-dollar investigation.

        • Tom, I have wondered that myself. The woman is an obsessive Never-Trumper, and considering Trump’s conservative accomplishments, she has no business writing for a publication called “Redstate.” Almost everything she writes is derogatory towards Trump and his supporters. Aside from that, her writing talents are mediocre at best. If she was not associated with RedState, her readers would assume that she is a left-wing radical. Redstate’s founder, Erik Erickson, did not support Trump, but I think he has softened his rhetoric and animosity towards Trump. But Wright continues on with her over-the-top despicable rants about Trump or those who support and surround him……..Wright has probably insulated herself from criticism by neglecting to have a forum where she can be reached. I think people can make comments below her columns but I doubt she reads them. She is a grade A smartass, so I doubt she cares much about anyone else’s views.

  6. This person (Wright) obviously is so obsessed she is on the 24/7 Bad Trump Watch. Perhaps she can’t handle the word P#$$y and that was the trigger. Perhaps there are other personal issues, who knows. Whatever it is, she has no editor minding the Redstate store that’s for sure.

  7. I came across “red state” and tried to find an email address to contact this biased and venomous woman to suggest that they rename their website to “nevertrumpers” as the red states are solidly behind PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP
    and no…I was not going to sign up to post a comment to their virtual propaganda rag
    but they don’t want to be contacted
    wonder why!

    • I had the same reaction, Kris. Most of the articles on Redstate are more sympathetic to Trump bashers than conservatives. Susan Wright is obsessed with ousting Trump or making him look bad. Whenever I see her name, I know that I will find an anti-Trump article following it.

      • judy beth, her extreme bias was evident in the first sentence or so. in a way it’s better that she is not clever enough to mask her personal animus towards him, as she is only preaching to the never trumper chorus and propping up the enemies of TRUMP. she is not changing any hearts or minds, and from what I’ve been reading, this unfair treatment is only causing more people to support him and to look elsewhere for news and analysis.

        btw have you seen the sane progressive? she is not a TRUMP supporter by any stretch but she does not attack him gratuitously (or at all actually). she has her sights on the left wing media, the dnc, and most specifically, rachel maddow who is spinning wild conspiracy theories.

        please feel free to edit out the last paragraph. i’m not on board with anyone who undermines our President in any way at this critical time. you might find her interesting. i am open to fair analysis and criticism, but when someone has an obvious ax to grind, i tune out, as do all fair-minded people.

        glad i came across your website! thank you for the opportunity to post.

      • You got that right, Judy Beth. I can tell from the headline if the story was written by Susan Wright.

        Imo, Redstate is now irrelevant, like all the NeverTrumper right who are still NeverTrump. Sheesh, one would think they would give President Trump credit where credit is due. But no.

        I used to be a NeverTrumper, but now I’m a big supporter of his. I think the still NeverTrumpers have tangled up their identities with standing firmly against him. They’re irrelevant.

  8. man so glad im not the only one that cant stand this Susan Wright, but what i don’t get is why she is still being allowed to trash trump on a site that’s suppose to be for repubs..

    • Ted, I have wondered the same thing. She is rabid when it comes to Trump, and she distorts almost all of her pieces so that Trump is an SOB no matter what does. They need to change the name of the site to Purplestate, because there are as many commentaries on their site bashing Trump and the Republicans as there are bashing liberals. Wright usually has several anti-Trump articles a day. I can understand any conservative columnist writing an objective piece criticizing Trump when he or she finds strong disagreement with Trump’s policy. But it can be done respectfully without such animus. I think Redstate discredits itself by allowing a Trump hater to play such an active role on their writing staff.

  9. After attending a couple of Tea Party rallies in D.C. I heard Obama suddenly put a ban on certain protest assemblies in D.C. What was up with that and the right to peacefully assemble redress grievances? Only conservatives receive unconstitutional treatment and the media could care less… as for liberals, laws on the books have not even been enforced as recent riots in CA had liberal racists beating up conservatives as the police were ordered to stand down.

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