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Yesterday on “Meet the (Democrat) Press,” John McCain reminded us once again as to why he is irrelevant. McCain told Chuck Todd that President Trump does not have a foreign policy strategy.

“I support what he did, and I support the bunker buster bomb, but we’ve got to develop a strategy. There is still not an overall strategy that he can come to Congress and his advisors and say, ‘okay, here is how we are going to handle Syria. Here is how we are going to handle the post-Mosul Iraq. We have got to have a strategy, and I’ll give them some more time, but so far that strategy is not apparent,” McCain stated.

Considering the leaks and the Deep State agenda to sabotage President Trump, he would be wise to hold his cards close. McCain still doesn’t get it. The American people do not want a Commander-in-Chief who broadcasts his strategic maneuvers. We don’t want a leader who briefs the enemy as to our course of action.

For eight long years the American people suffered the failed foreign policy of Barack Obama who updated our enemies as to the movement and intentions of the United States Military. Americans died needlessly as a result of Obama’s incompetence or intentional neglect of national security, and yes, Congress’ apathetic compliance with Obama’s foreign policy of exposing what should have been confidential war plans.

It was John McCain and his spineless Republican cronies who were culpable in Obama’s scheme to render American forces and the American people vulnerable to foreign powers and Islamic terrorists.

I attended the “Stop Iran Nuclear Deal Rally” in Washington D.C. in September of 2015. Dozens of conservative celebrities spoke at the rally, including the then candidate Donald Trump, Senator Ted Cruz, Mark Levin, Congressman Dave Brat, and other members of Congress and the political class. You, John McCain, were nowhere to be seen.

If John McCain is so concerned about President Trump’s foreign policy strategy, why was he not aggressively fighting Barack Obama’s deal with Iran in which the United States gave Iran, the country which has vowed to destroy us, 150 billion dollars while allowing this terrorist-sponsoring country to go nuclear?

McCain surrendered power to Obama by refusing to acknowledge that the Iran Deal was a treaty. He conceded defeat when indeed the Senate had the power to declare the Iran Deal a treaty requiring a two-thirds vote in the Senate. When questioned as to allowing Obama to call for the vote with respect to the Iran Deal being an agreement rather than a treaty, McCain either lied by saying that the president had the right to label the Iran Deal or he was negligent in his duties to understand the full powers of the Senate to identify the deal as a treaty.

Obama had a foreign policy strategy which was retreat and submit. McCain and his cronies were mild voices of dissent. They lacked the aggressiveness and passion to effectively counter Obama’s so-called foreign policy.

While McCain whined about the Senate Republicans not having the authority to intervene in Obama’s destructive policies, Obama was systematically putting American troops in harms way unnecessarily. He was weakening our military might and demoralizing our fighting men and women.

After years of Obama’s foreign policy strategy of giving ISIS the upper hand in the war on terrorism, President Trump smoothly and beautifully authorized his commanders to use their expertise in fighting the war on terror. He authorized the swift and precise attack on the ISIS caves and tunnels using the “mother of all bombs.”

Instead of putting boots on the ground and getting Americans blown up, he used the military advantages that were intended for saving American lives, including those of our military heroes. How many American lives did Trump save that Obama would have sacrificed?

John McCain doesn’t really understand foreign policy unless it is in terms of political expediency and establishment power. He wants to be the guy making the decisions. He wants authority, and he wants to raise the water level of the Washington Swamp, not drain it.

President Trump does have a foreign policy. And that policy includes 1) Keeping the enemy wondering 2) Keeping America’s enemies within Congress from leaking 3) Making sure that Americans have the upper hand in any situation 4) Having faith in his generals 5) Protecting our intelligence 6) Demanding respect from foreign leaders and 7) Putting the interest of Americans first.

But most importantly, President Trump’s foreign policy strategy focuses on national security and keeping Americans safe from foreign threats.

John McCain has been so busy playing the Swamp games in Washington that he doesn’t understand the significance of real foreign policy any longer.

My message to John McCain: President Trump has indeed made clear his foreign policy strategy. It is “America and Americans first.” You weren’t listening.

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