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Many Conservatives are going to be cheering as the news of Bill O’Reilly’s ousting at Fox News gets out. A lot of Conservatives resent him, and they are pleased that the Fox star with the super-sized ego is “getting his.”

O’Reilly has been a fence-sitter during the Obama administration, and at times he has been maddeningly moderate when he should have been exposing the Democrat agenda. I have had lots of gripes with the king of “The Factor,” but at no point have I wanted to see him replaced.

He may very well be obnoxious, and he may be unlikable by many, but when push comes to shove, O’Reilly will fall off of his fence onto the conservative side of the political pasture.

Bill O’Reilly’s lawyer has released a statement in which he informs the general public that his client, O’Reilly, is the victim of a far left character assassination. And the lawyer claims to have undeniable evidence to prove his assertion.

And speaking of evidence, why hasn’t the evidence of O’Reilly’s alleged sexual harassment charges been made public. Yes, he settled a lawsuit, but names have been hidden as well as terms of the settlement. It is being reported that he settled the lawsuit on the advice of Fox News and his insurance company, not as an admittance of guilt.

There have been only vague generalities surrounding the sexual harassment claims, which leaves him defenseless in clearing his name. The latest allegation involving Wendy Walsh, a guest on his show, has no meat. Walsh says he invited her to his hotel room. Is there an audio version of his invitation? Walsh says that he had told her he would help her land a lucrative job at Fox, and he didn’t. Is that a crime?

Walsh’s lawyer, Lisa Bloom, is the daughter of feminist and liberal activist Gloria Allred. Yesterday Bloom said that they have another victim of O’Reilly’s who has come forward. The purported victim is a black woman who is a clerical worker at Fox. She has said that O’Reilly once called her “hot chocolate.” Then she complained that she didn’t like the way O’Reilly looked a her. Three unnamed witnesses said that this lady was always stressed at the end of every day.

Puhleeze! Talk about insulting one’s intelligence. That’s it? Hot chocolate? I’m no fan of O’Reilly, but c’mon now. Surely he can do better than ‘hot chocolate.’ And if we’re basing sexual harassment claims on witnesses who have seen us stressed out at the end of the work day, I can beat three. I’ll go for at least forty.

There has never been any hard evidence of Bill O’Reilly sexually harassing the Fox staff. And remember there is a big difference in evidence and ‘he said, she said.’ Yet, suddenly Fox wants Bill out, after the New York Times began their anti-O’Reilly crusade in the name of women everywhere.

Geez! Come to think of it, the New York Times Rag wasn’t interested when Bill Maher called Sarah Palin a ‘c*nt’ on air. Sarah didn’t even sue. Now if you want to talk sexual harassment lawsuits, that right there would have been the biggest catch.

Maher talks filthy for a hobby, but he’s a liberal. I’ll tell you one thing for sure. I would much rather be called ‘hot chocolate’ or ‘vanilla latte’ than ‘c*nt.’ Suddenly, everybody’s upset about Bill O’Reilly being “accused” of being sexually suggestive, when the other Bill, you know, Bill Clinton……..when that guy got him a little oral sex in the Oval Office and didn’t even have to quit his job as leader of the Free World.

I don’t care much for O’Reilly, but I can tolerate him and the possibility of him being a sexual harasser more than I can the Far Left scoring a huge victory and erasing him from the Fox New lineup.

Fox is even refusing Bill’s request for airtime to say farewell to his loyal viewers of over twenty-one years. Huh-uh! No Way!

So as the conservative Bill haters cheer on the feminists who are behind these charges, just remember, this is another step in Fox News becoming a full-blown fake news network. Hannity will be in the crosshairs next, and then Tucker.

As O’Reilly goes, so goes the way of conservatism at Fox. Chalk another one up for the bad guys!

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  1. Liberal witch hunters and their biased pet media are desperate. They are unable to create enough fake news on Trump so they are scraping the bottom of the barrel for garbage on others in the media who refuse to stay in their place on the media’s liberal plantation. Whipping their indoctrinated masses into a continuous frenzy that induces protest with their riots and violence. That should tell us all everything we need to know about the Left. They are the Bolsheviks of 1917, the Nazis of 1930’s and 40’s, the Maoists and the Pol Pots..all the same LEFTISTS.

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