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If Republicans want to keep and expand the advantages they made in the 2016 elections, they had better learn to play smart politics. They won the executive and legislative branches only because 1) the average American was infuriated with the Obama administration and wanted a change and 2) the Democrat Party was overly confident.

President Donald Trump and the GOP lawmakers who won their races last November did not win because of the GOP political prowess. To the contrary, they won despite the party’s lack of political aptitude. The Republicans made great strides in Washington D.C., because the Democrat Party has shifted so far to the left that the Republicans finally rallied after too many years of complacency.

Republicans who believe that President Trump will resolve the monumental cultural corrosion and bureaucratic corruption are only fooling themselves. At best, Trump can only get the ball rolling. The momentum of the swinging pendulum back to the right of center is contingent on the Republicans willingness to play smart politics.

President Trump’s victory was a chance for Conservatives to stop the progressive clock and reverse course. It simply bought time and kept the Republicans in the game while turning the sails of the ship and setting a new direction, but those sails can just as easily be turned back to catch the globalist winds.

We must not delude ourselves into believing that the Democrats and Liberals are snowflakes. Only a portion of the Democrat base are satisfied with participation trophies. The other section of the party takes scalps. They don’t hide under beds and in closets. They don’t pet puppies and ride ponies. They riot on college campuses. They wear pink pussyhats and march in the streets. They are aggressive.

The major or really relevant players in the Democrat Party are amoral and hostile mobs and unprincipled individual who believe the ends justifies the means and are willing to perform heinous acts to assure that the midterm elections of 2018 are a Democratic sweep. They are deliberating twenty-four hours a day as to how to regain lost ground and re-launch their globalist, anti-American campaign.

The snowflakes are only the useful idiots who should be the case studies for government mandated lobotomies.

But while the Democrats are strategizing as to how to manipulate the minds of the masses and commit enough fraud to compensate for their lack of a legitimate platform, Republicans are sitting back and waiting for Donald Trump to fix everything, and they are confident he will win the presidency again in 2020.

Yesterday’s election in Georgia was reflective that the Republicans have learned nothing since the 2016 elections in terms of smart politics. The GOP ran eleven candidates to the Democrats’ five, allowing a thirty year old unknown millennial to capture almost 50% of the vote. Jon Ossoff, a wet-behind-the-ears kid, was the recipient of 8.3 million dollars which came from all around the country to help him defeat the Republicans.

Have the Republicans not learned the lesson of “too many cooks?” Apparently not. We saw this show in the Republican Primary when the GOP showcased 16 candidates. When this many people seek the primary nomination, the votes are split and so is the party.

Some may argue that “in the end, the GOP rallies around the party nominee.” False! When there are too many candidates, every candidate offends every other candidate at some point. And when this happens, the supporters of the offended candidates don’t forget, and many carry a grudge. They simply refuse to support the party nominee. They want to punish the guy that offended their choice.

We saw this play out in the GOP primary. Donald Trump would have indeed won the popular vote in the general election had the GOP not been diluted with candidates, most of whom had no chance of winning. Many Republicans simply abstained from voting because they were put off by Trump’s insults to their favorite primary candidate.

When a party runs so many different candidates, cohesion is more difficult to capture when the primary process is complete. It weakens the Republican nominee.

Looking back on the 2016 primaries, we had several candidates who had little chance of winning but stayed in the race to muddy the waters. Lindsay Graham had an ulterior motive for his candidacy. Even as a longtime senator, he was unable to get beyond the second tier debates. Rick Santorum wins the award as the guy whose hobby is competing for the ‘participation award for the most primaries.’

Few Republicans had even heard of Jim Gilmore, and George Pataki was a little known national political figure. Mike Huckabee, like him or not, was a has been. John Kasich appeared to have an agenda for remaining in a race that he could not win, which would without a doubt be a form of sabotage for a better candidate such as Ted Cruz.

Too many primary candidates ensures party divisiveness. In less than two years, Republicans are going to be face to face with the Democrats again at the ballot box as the Democrats make a grand effort to unseat the Republicans in Congress. And the Democrats will succeed if the Republicans don’t start playing smart politics.

Now is the time for Republicans to be securing strong candidates to run in their states and cutting the lifelines on those Republicans who would like to run for office but are politically weak or virtual unknown to the masses.

We must start readying ourselves now. We must focus on a limited field of candidates, instead of sinking our boat with too many non-swimmers.

Republicans can either learn to play smart politics or adjust to losing. There are no other choices.


  1. Thomas Sowell shows how the Republicans can beat the Democrats at their lying game on the national level. This is from 2011 but is still relevant as Republicans just do not get it.

    From Sowell’s article:
    “Republicans seem to invest much less time and thought into getting their political message across than is done by the Democrats.
    First of all, Democrats develop words and phrases that they all use, so that the public hears those same words and phrases over and over again, until they sink in. Republicans have nothing to match the Democrats’ catch phrases like “social justice” or “tax cuts for the rich.”

    “How often have you heard “tax cuts for the rich” from Democrats,” (coordinated across the country)– “without the Republicans saying anything to counter? The facts are all on the Republicans’ side. But, unless someone articulates those facts, they will be like the proverbial tree that falls in an empty forest.”

    The Republicans must counter punch the lies and deceptive SPIN form the Democrats.
    From another Sowell article:
    “It is not necessary to explode every single lie put out by liberal Democrats. All that is necessary is to thoroughly discredit a few of their key claims, exposing them as liars.
    What is even more necessary is for Republicans themselves to understand the urgent need to do so, for their own sake and— more important— for the country’s sake.”

    And here is another article emphasizing what is involved.

    • Thanks for these links, Stephen. Thomas Sowell is one of my heroes. There are few men with his intellect. He would have made a great political leader, but he was probably too smart to allow himself to get involved in the muck. I also don’t think that he needed the attention and power that most politicians crave. I hope someone of influence is listening to Sowell.

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