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Bruce Jenner’s gold medal in the decathlon at the 1976 Montreal Olympics was indeed a glorious moment for Americans such as myself, who watched this magnificent specimen of an athlete set a world record with his 8617 points. As a young girl, I was quite smitten with Jenner and fellow gold medal winner, swimmer Mark Spitz.

Needless to say, it was a disappointing experience seeing Jenner a few years later and realizing that he had rearranged his face. This all-natural athlete looked anything but natural, taking on an almost freakish appearance. Within seconds of gazing on this Olympic hero, my crush dissipated.

It was obvious that his facial features were cosmetically altered, and it was also apparent that he had a mental problem. This man, who had been gifted by God with so much raw talent, physical strength, and masculinity had an indisputable inner conflict.

Now Bruce is Caitlyn, and we all know his story. He has a glaring appetite for attention and the bizarre. This 67 year old guy continues to flaunt his lack of sexuality or gender or both. He’s so darn confused or mentally unstable that it is difficult to assign a motive to his deranged thinking.

In an interview with Diane Sawyer on 20/20 last night, Caitlyn Jenner told Sawyer, “Yes, I did vote for Trump. But here’s the deal breaker with me and the Republican Party. And the deal is, you mess with me and my community, you do the wrong thing with our community, you don’t give us equality and a fair shot, I’m coming after you.”

Good grief! Does Jenner really believe that he is intimidating to anyone? He’s pathetic, not frightening.

Jenner told Sawyer that the LBGT community needs federal guidance, and he is more than a little unhappy with President Trump’s lifting of the federal guidelines concerning transgender bathroom use. Hey Caitlyn, I’m pretty darn sure that George Washington’s purview of federalism didn’t include the federal government’s obligation to allow men the opportunity to live out their sexual fetishes in front of little girls.

In January of this year, Caitlyn Jenner had gender reassignment surgery, or at least that is what he is claiming. I would assume that by that he means he sent his penis packing and went full blown Lorena Bobbitt. He says he feels wonderful and liberated. Liberated? Did he really feel imprisoned by his own penis?

But he isn’t stopping there. It is being reported by multiple news agencies that Jenner is planning to pose nude for Sports Illustrated with an American flag and his Olympic medals. Who would want to put that image in their mind?

A nude display of any 66 year old would be disgusting, but the illustration of a nude man who had just willfully had a penectomy would have to be one of the more loathsome and toxic images that a sane person could insert into the cranial folds of his mind.

Jenner wants it understood that he has not changed his sexual orientation, just his gender. He does not consider himself a lesbian, and has continued to desire women despite his gender identity change.

So, he is a guy who had his male apparatus removed, calls himself a woman, still desires women, but he says he isn’t gay. Got that? Well, if you don’t, then I guess you are just an antiquated unsophisticated Transphobe.

By definition, a woman who is the lover of another woman is a lesbian. So, if Jenner expects us to believe he is a woman and says he still desires women, he is a lesbian, which would be a change of his sexual orientation by the factual evidence that his genitalia has been altered.

But he has also been quoted as saying that he no longer has an appetite for sex, so why all the hoopla about the sex change? Could he not have just dressed as a woman for the entirety of his remaining life and avoided the dramatic surgery of removing a God-given body part?

Caitlyn/Bruce Jenner is a tragic figure, a victim of his own mental illness and an ideology which encourages him to embrace his mental confusion. If the news reports are true that Sports illustrated is unequivocally using Jenner as a pinup, the magazine should be put out of business. The executives at the magazine are as sadistic as Jenner.

Despite Jenner’s obvious delusional mental state, we have a duty to challenge his decision to involve himself in the mainstreaming of self deception and delusionary thinking to suit his own neurotic thinking. He is leading a movement which will claim the lives of many children and other misguided individuals.

Is Jenner’s threat to Trump and the Republicans a serious concern. Heavens no! “If you mess with me and my community, I’m coming after you,” he says. Tough talk from the guy who wants to tiptoe through the tulips!

And a special thank you to Mark Spitz for remaining a man. Alas, but I didn’t waste my girlhood fancies on this Olympic legend!

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