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Sarah Palin publicly scolded Elizabeth Warren this week, because Warren tweeted, “Fight like a girl.” Palin says she originated the expression in 2011, and she called Warren out for stealing her line.

C’mon Sarah, aren’t you better than that? Who cares? It’s a stupid line to begin with. “Fight like a girl” sounds like something from the feminist movement. Liberals love little quips and word games. And why would you want to get into a public fray with Pocahontas Warren to begin with? She’s a loon.

Warren is all about identity politics. Today it’s about girls. Yesterday it was about being a Native-American.

“Fighting like a girl” is tantamount to whining about being held down and underappreciated. The expression “Fight like a girl” reminds me of what was at one time referred to as a “cat fight” in which the girls smacked each other around and pulled each other’s hair. And the other kids stand around cheering and egging it on screaming, “cat fight, cat fight.”

There is no glory in “fighting like a girl.” It’s ugly stuff. Feminists “fight like girls”. They protest with their signs that say, “Stay out of my vagina” while wearing pink pussyhats and chanting “I’m nasty.” There is absolutely no substance or significance to “fighting like a girl.”

On the other hand, there is an effective way of fighting, and it’s not contingent on identity politics. It’s not about girls or boys or making a statement of “Hey, look at me; I’m a girl, and I’m tough. Watch me fight.”

The way of battling the opposition is to “fight like Ann Coulter.” Coulter doesn’t try to draw attention to her status as a woman or attempt to be cute with little platitudes. She is consistent with her full-throttle approach to what she decides to accomplish.

Simply put, “fighting like Ann Coulter” is refusing to allow anything or anyone get in your way when you are on a mission. “Fighting like Ann Coulter” actually brings about results rather than creating the feel-good atmosphere of doing something when you are doing absolutely nothing.

This week Ann Coulter has a speaking engagement planned at Berkeley University. The university decided to cancel Ann’s appearance. Ann announced that she is going anyway as it is her First Amendment right. She said that the only way to stop her would be to have her arrested.

Berkeley, realizing that having Ann Coulter thrown in jail could get pretty ugly, even uglier than the protests for Milo Yiannopoulos in which the campus was burned, decided to back off and allow Ann to speak, but they rescheduled the event for a time when there would be no classes.

Ann rejected the offer and told the fascist administration of Berkeley that she would be coming at the original set date. Keep in mind that Ann is no stranger to campus hatred directed at her. She has been assaulted multiple times during speaking engagements on college campuses through the years. She has even been hit in the face with pies.

But that doesn’t deter her. She laughs it off and keeps on moving down that long lonesome highway of conservative courage. And Ann’s highway is lonely, because frankly, Conservatives, very few of us have the courage needed to win the war against progressivism.

Too many Conservatives are more concerned about ‘not being nice’ to the opposition than they are about the ruination of the country. Conservatives attack each other for stupid things like mocking a liberal for their stupidity or weirdness. Conservatives are more interested in taking the high road than winning the war.

I have on occasion been scolded by other Conservatives for poking fun of Liberals for various reasons, whether it’s their downright idiotic thinking or their freakish lifestyle or their appearance. I have been told, “Judy, you’re better than that.”

Well, sorry about any illusions you may have, but “No, I’m not.” When you are fighting for you’re country. when you are fighting for the future of your offspring, and when you are fighting for your existence, you use every tool in your arsenal box. And if that means offending people, then you bet I’ll do it.

I don’t always agree with Ann Coulter. She can be very aggressive, and sometimes she needs to adjust her filter. But I don’t see any Conservatives, and that includes men, who have the complete and utter gutsiness that she has. You don’t have to like her to admire her courage and her willingness to take the arrows.

Sarah Palin has faded from the center of the political fight. She is becoming a distant memory, only to pop up occasionally with a tweet or commentary to remind all of us that she’s still relevant. And at one time, Sarah did give us the energy to fight the fight. She was a fighter until she began to “fight like a girl.”

So, now all Conservatives should take a page from Ann Coulter’s playbook. They need to take a risk, throw down the gauntlet and stop worrying about who they might be offending or if someone might think they are being mean.

And if you are a Conservative and can’t do that, you need to take your hand and reach over the top of your head, touch the base of your neck and see if you still have your spine. I would wager that many, if not most, can’t find theirs.


  1. Im a firm believer its time we strap on our weapons and march, Take bake our cities, show a force to be reckoned with. These whining terriorist liberals neef to be shown we wont be door mats anymore. If our president would just classify them for what they are, ” Domestic Terriorist”. We could exercise our 2nd amendment right.

  2. One thing about Ann, she is consistent ,,,,,,conservatives just need to fight….its past time , our survival is dependent on our ability to fight….the time is soon coming when we may has to hit the streets amd March amd protests….will we? We shall see

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