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Admit it or not, like it or not, Americans are allowing the forces of the Left to emotionally abuse their children. Many conservative parents and grandparents opt out of getting involved in the fight for morality, because they genuinely believe that they have the power to prevent their children from being victimized by the creeping amorality which is permeating every crevice of the culture.

I have had more than one Christian conservative friend state, “Well, we have our kids in church, and we don’t allow them to watch this show or that show. Our kids aren’t on social media. Our kids are in Christian schools. We monitor all phone calls and video games. They are supervised at all times, and they do not have the time or freedom to become involved in the underworld which is sucking our children into its vortex.

It is blatant optimistic thinking to believe that children with loving dedicated parents are going to escape the cultural and social hellhole which is becoming resident America. As much as we love our children, our influence is limited. Peer pressure is a powerful force on school age children, especially when that child reaches the middle school age.

Children who have one behavior while under parental guidance often have another behavior when accompanied by peers. They tend to emulate their peers rather than their parents, at least more often than not.

While Christian and conservative parents work tirelessly to protect their precious kids, school systems, and yes, even some private schools, are introducing their kids to ideas and philosophies which are adverse to their upbringing. Most often the parents are not even aware of it. And most who are mindful of the garbage seeping into the mainstream of education prefer to ignore it.

They keep falling back on the flawed thinking that their kids will know better than the others who are falling into the cracks. Some kids will manage to keep a firm footing, but most will lose their balance.

Parents and grandparents, often and understandably, have a prejudice form of thinking in which they believe their kids and grandkids to be a notch above the norm or out of the reach of the wicked people who are just waiting to influence their children. They perceive their love for their kids to be the barrier which fends off the social problems.

Unfortunately, love does not conquer all. Evil often manages to have its way, even when faced with the most beloved.

Too many Conservatives don’t even like to be reminded of the evil people and influences in our midst. They don’t want to discuss that which is uncomfortable or unsavory. It makes them sad. And all the while, those forces are wreaking havoc on the minds of the children.

While parents believe they have a handle on their own kids and their kids’ emotional stability, they fail to see the connection between their children and the children who are in the daily lives of their kids who are barely hanging on because of emotional cultural abuse.

No matter how much you love your kids, you cannot get them to unsee what they have seen. They are seeing things which are detrimental to their spiritual, physical, and emotional growth. They can’t turn these images off just because they are loved or in Sunday school.

The children are being exposed to movies and other forms of entertainment which have elusive and subtle indoctrinating themes. They process these images and file them away. They don’t talk about them, but they remember them.

Several weeks later they experience a similar vision or stimuli. Again, they don’t discuss it, but they tuck it away into the same mental file box. They are seeing, processing, and forming opinions based not just on what their parents have taught them, but on what their friends and teachers have said or advised.

The older the children get, the less influence the parents have on their thinking. They have their own exponential bank of knowledge, and parental input is just a small fraction of the deposits which have been made into that account.

If good and loving parents continue on this path to remain uninvolved in the cultural fight, because they believe the problem to not be theirs, they will pay a heavy price.

My mother use to remind me that “No man is an island.” We may be individuals, but we do not thrive when isolated from others. We are a part of the whole and affected by the whole.

It is past time for all good parents and grandparent to throw off their rose colored glasses and accept the reality that their children and grandchildren are going to be a product of this rotting culture unless we all fight.

The kids are not forgetting what they are seeing.

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