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As I have written in multiple commentaries, and I reiterate now, Bill O’Reilly is a victim of the Left. Conservatives have been willing to jump on the fake news bandwagon with Media Matters and the New York Times, because O’Reilly is a pompous and not-so-likeable guy. But his likeability should have nothing to do with these accusations. Have Conservatives lost all of their desire for objectivity?

There has been absolutely no proof that Bill O’Reilly is guilty of sexual harassment. He settled a sexual harassment lawsuit over ten years ago to stop litigation. The details of the allegations involve accusations that Bill talked dirty to a Fox employee, and she taped the conversation. Yet, the released facts fail to expose the fact that O’Reilly had been involved with the woman. She wasn’t an innocent victim of unwanted advances, until she decided there was money to be made. She taped Bill’s obviously unsavory conversation and asked him for sixty million dollars in exchange for not publicly releasing the audio. These are facts according to court documents as stated by Glenn Beck.

Bill O’Reilly is not a strong conservative. He is for limited government and is a pro-life social moderate. He is a fiscally conservative New Yorker with traditional values. So, while his voice may not resonate with the Right, it often speaks for the Right.

But O’Reilly’s innocence or guilt is a moot point in his firing from Fox. He is a casualty in the culture/political war of globalism versus nationalism, of progressivism versus constitutionalism, of the Right versus the left. And whether Conservatives like him or not, the Left views O’Reilly as a team player for the Right.

As suspected O’Reilly was just the first hit in the assault to silence the right commentators. He was the easiest, because 1) He is probably the most unlikeable 2) His pomposity makes him a not-so sympathetic figure 3) His wealth is so enviable that he is not viewed as a victim 4) He is larger than life which gives him the appearance of a bully and 5) He is a single man with the assets to attract many women.

We have expected the Left to resume their witchhunt at Fox News under the direction of the Murdoch boys, but I certainly didn’t expect it to be within a week. But alas, when it comes to wicked people, they just can’t contain their inner satanic energy.

We wonder no more as attorney/blogger Debbie Schlussel has risen from the dung heap. During a radio interview in Oklahoma with Pat Campbell on Friday, Schlussel was asked if she had ever witnessed any inappropriate behavior when a guest on Fox News. She responded, “Only by Sean Hannity, not by Bill O’Reilly.”

When asked for details, she ranted for eight minutes about Hannity and some of his co-hosts. She said that Hannity had asked her to his hotel room before and after his appearance in Detroit. She alleges that because she refused his advances she was never asked to be a guest on his show again.

Sound familiar? Dr. Wendy Walsh made the same accusation against Bill O’Reilly which was the final allegation that put O’Reilly on the fast track out of Fox. Walsh claimed that O’Reilly had invited her to his hotel room. She also whined that he had told her he would help her get a lucrative job at Fox, and he didn’t follow through after she didn’t go to his hotel room. Let it be noted that Walsh is a contributor at CNN and her attorney is Lisa Bloom, the daughter of radical feminist Gloria Allred.

In response to Schlussell’s allegations Sean Hannity has stated, “Let me be clear, the comments about me on a radio show this week are 100% false and a complete fabrication. This individual is a serial harasser who has been lying about me for well over a decade. The individual has a history of making provably false statements against me to slander, besmirch, and smear my reputation.”

Hannity continues that he has lost his patience with this woman and has hired the toughest team of lawyers in the country to legally challenge her. The woman has a history of targeting people with whom she disagrees politically. She has previously accused Hannity of misusing money from the Freedom Alliance. The Freedom Alliance has refuted all claims that this woman has made about Hannity’s misuse of planes, limos, etc.

The barn door was open by O’Reilly’s accusers, and the Murdoch boys and their wives will see to it that it stays open. And did I mention that Lachlan Murdoch’s wife works for Hillary Clinton’s Climate Initiative.

But of course, Conservatives will show Hannity to the door just as they have O’Reilly. After all, Hannity has been a staunch Trump supporter. And he must pay for his transgressions. Am I right, Trump-haters?

O’Reilly was the first domino. It appears Hannity will be the second. And Tucker Carlson? Well, we’ll just have to wait and see.

In the meantime, I am hoping that somewhere out there, Conservatives of influence and wealth are putting their heads together and drawing up plans for a conservative network. We are almost out of options.

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