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Lawrence Jones is a commentator on “The Blaze” and hosts his own program “The Lawrence Jones Show.” I’ve had the occasion to listen to Jones a few times. He is a personable young man with a conservative bent. But on his show last Saturday Jones delved into a subject which was not only disgusting but inconceivable.

A woman had written a letter to her husband who had just informed her that he was transitioning to a woman. She said that though she wanted what was best for him, she could no longer stay with him. The so-called man was upset that she couldn’t be there for him and support him like his friends were doing.

Lawrence compared the woman who had written the letter to Kris Jenner and her inability to get behind her husband Bruce when he transitioned to Caitlyn. Lawrence agreed that the women were justified in that their husbands were dishonest with them whether they had intended to do so or not. According to Jones, gender identity is complicated and deception isn’t necessarily intended.

He said that the man gave a lot of thought to his own situation but not to his wife’s. He concluded with by saying, “I don’t know if I could ever get with the program.”

Are you freakin’ kidding me, Lawrence? What kind of loco weed have you been smoking? The very thought of asking an audience of listeners if it is wrong for a spouse to leave their transitioning husband or wife is insanity in itself.

And No, No, No, Lawrence, gender transitioning is not a complicated subject. It is a perversion. It is a mental disorder. And the very notion that anyone would ponder the rightfulness of a spouse to leave their twisted partner due to transitioning is grotesque. Have you forgotten that there are still millions of “normal” people who desire people of the opposite sex?

As for Lawrence wondering if “he could ever get with the program,” well all I can say to that is “God forbid, man, what’s wrong with you?” If you are even thinking that you “might” be able to get with the program then you are seriously lost already.

Oh, but it gets worse! Trans-activist Riley J. Dennis is now proclaiming that having genital preferences in dating is transphobic. Dennis says that if you are a man who wants your woman to have a vagina, then you’re a bigot. To beat it all, Dennis is getting complaints from lesbians who accuse him of engaging in ‘lesbian erasure.”

He defends himself by saying that he doesn’t deny any lesbian from preferring vaginas but that if a lesbian denies being attracted to a woman with a penis, then that lesbian is being ‘cissexist.”

Yes, we are that far gone! How do these people even get a forum where they are heard and given credibility? Because the Left is creating a culture of insanity. The Left is mainstreaming mental illness.

And it is working. Just ask Lawrence Jones. If he is even wondering if he could get with the program of supporting and staying with a transgender spouse, I would say that poor Lawrence has already climbed on board Ozzie Osborne’s “Crazy Train.”

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