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It’s no longer conjecture or rhetoric. The Democrats have officially disinvited all Democrats who are not on board with abortion. According to the new Democrat Party Chairman Tom Perez, if you don’t support abortion, you are not welcome within the ranks of the godless party.

Senator Dick Durbin is taking a more diplomatic approach to party unity. Dick is allowing Democrats to believe abortion is wrong as long as they support it. Way to go, Dick!

You gotta love it. The Democrat Party is giving its members the opportunity to think what they want, but keep it to themselves. Just as long as they continue to herald the signature goal of the Democrat Party which is “to kill as many unborn babies as possible,” they may continue to stand in good grace without breaking rank.

Are the Democrat flunkies so mindless that they never question their party’s obsession with abortion? Why is it that the litmus test for Democrat leadership is the exaltation of the unconsecrated act of killing the unborn?

Democrat lawmakers have long required its members, who wish to rise in committees and leadership positions, to have an allegiance to Roe v. Wade. They demand that judges pay homage to the precedent of this abortion-backing legislation. And they become rabid when faced with the prospect of confirming pro-life Supreme Court nominees.

Abortion is the sacred cow of liberalism/progressivism/globalism/Marxism/ and the Democrat Party. And the Democrat groupies never question why. “Why is abortion the trademark of my party,” should be the question that is echoing throughout the Democrat base. But it isn’t.

Perhaps the fact that the party is fueled by feminists and their weak-minded female converts, they need to keep abortion front and center. It is the Democrat Party’s job, after all, to appeal to the most basic self-indulgent cravings of self-centered women.

How can a woman have everything she wants if she has to contend with those annoying, crying babies who demand her time and attention for 18 long insufferable years? And why should she have to when the world promises her she can have it all? Or so the party of Karl Marx promises.

Democrats walk on unhallowed ground. They continue to become more radical and extreme with their illogical thinking. They have passed the exit ramp of foolish thinking and irrationality, and they are careening towards the abutment of insanity.

Now is the time for the Democrat faithfuls to pledge their allegiance to the gods of abortion who suck the life from the most innocent among us. Their party is mandating their unholiness.

So, wouldn’t it be appropriate for them to identify themselves in accordance with their character and ideology? It’s high time the Democrats changed their party logo from the jackass to the aborted fetus. Because it represents exactly who they are.

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