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Ann Coulter has officially cancelled her controversial speech at Berkeley following her allies pulling out amidst threats of violence and an unengaged administration and law enforcement.

In other words, the Left has won again in silencing the conservative voices. The fascist Berkeley administrators and the Berkeley police are refusing to stop the violence in what is an incredible display of totalitarianism on an American college campus.

After being invited by the Berkeley College Republicans, who are about as rare as unicorns, and the Young America’s Foundation, the Berkeley administrators first cancelled her engagement before relenting and allowing the speech to take place in a more obscure section of the university.

But as threats of extreme violence persisted, Ann’s hosts at the Young America’s Foundation withdrew their participation citing that there would be no security for the event. A spokesman for the YAF said that his organization was not equipped nor prepared for violent confrontation, and he did not want his people endangered.

Today, Ann cancelled the entire event as she had no backup for her own safety. Ann took the standoff as far as she could reasonably take it considering that the authorities at Berkeley would be willing to see her killed before they would stop the madness.

Jesse Arreguin, Berkeley’s 32 year old mayor is allegedly a member of a far-left militant group called “By Any Means Necessary.” So, if affiliation is an indication of the mayor’s radicalism, Arreguin seems to be a chip off Saul Alinsky’s block.

Coulter had no choice but to back down as her allies left her defenseless. But her allies are the cowards as they wimped out rather to stand on their convictions amidst threats. And the Left will repeat this process until there are no conservative voices to be heard.

So, where do we go from here? Are Conservatives going to allow themselves to be bullied by left-wing thugs on campuses and streets? Hell, yes!

Conservatives like to poke fun of the snowflakes and boast about the coming revolution, but seriously, Conservatives are spineless weaklings. They don’t scare anybody.

My gosh, if a Conservative makes a misstep in the battle against the Left, his conservative brethren will string him up and throw him under the bus. Conservatives like to hold each other to standards. They don’t mind the fight as long as their side plays nice.

Conservatives like to think they are taking the high road. But they aren’t taking the high road. They are taking the losing road.

Conservatives were more concerned about Bill O’Reilly’s allegations of sexual harassment than they were of the Left’s takeover at Fox News.

Rather than to take a stand against the creeping monster of transgenderism, Conservatives would rather feel sorry for the Caitlyn Jenner’s of the world. And Jenner, by the way, is on a mission of self-aggrandizement, wealth, and power. He is not a poor lost soul.

It is becoming more and more obvious every day that Conservatives may have some common sense, but when it comes to tenacity and boldness, Conservatives are no different than snowflakes.

It has long been established that Conservatives will not be taking a stand anywhere in this country other than at the ballot box. And it has long been established that Conservatives are not going to defend their own anywhere in this country.

With that said, President Trump needs to mobilize the National Guard and shut down the Berkeley campus. Somebody’s got to do something, and the Conservatives are worthless!

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