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Ann Coulter’s cancellation of her Berkeley speech was enough to make my stomach heave. Not that Ann did anything wrong, because she didn’t. She did the only thing she could do except sacrifice her life for nothing. Because of the inactions of Conservatives and the Berkeley fascist administration and so-called law enforcement, Ann made the wisest choice.

But I am thoroughly disgusted that Conservatives allowed this to happen. The Liberals took our lunch money again, and right now, I don’t feel very charitable in my sentiments towards the Conservative organizations which should have been forging forward to guarantee a fire-breathing Ann Coulter speech at the Berkeley campus.

Although, it isn’t surprising that the Conservatives backed down, because that is their method of operation. When the Liberal bullies tell us to sit, we sit. We’ve done it for a couple of decades now, and we’re pretty good at it.

Yep, Conservatives almost always fall in line. They did show signs of life, however, when they elected the unconventional Donald Trump, the guy who always refuses to fall in line. Conservatives stepped outside their traditional “don’t-rock-the-boat” box when they put Trump in the White House.

And if Trump sent any kind of message at all to the Conservatives, it should have been that “You’ve got to confront the opposition.” It’s imperative. You cannot accomplish anything without an uncomfortable and undesirable meeting of the unlike minds.

Love him or hate him, Donald Trump the candidate did not avoid showdowns. He was up for them and relished the occasion. Trump knows what few people grasp and that is that most people are afraid of confrontations, especially when their adversaries are unpredictable.

Donald Trump kept the upper hand, because his opponents were never sure as to where he might be on the political battleground. They knew that Trump would handily humiliate them if he found it to be politically expedient. Whereas the Washington politicians have had an unspoken creed of propriety in which they avoided certain topics which could be embarrassing, Trump didn’t.

Trump wanted to win, and he knew how to win. You keep your opponent off guard, and you hit him with everything at your disposal. Just knowing that you are willing to use everything you’ve got is enough to weaken your adversary.

But Liberals aren’t afraid of Conservatives, because they know that basically Conservatives are predictably easy to put off. Throw in a few politically correct accusations, have a few riots, put “Maxine the Crazy” on the front lines, and Conservatives are like “How do we stop these nuts?”

To the contrary, Liberals are afraid of Trump, because they know he won’t back down…..you know, like the Berkeley Conservatives backed down and pulled out of the fight. With Trump, you wanna fight, you’re gonna get one. It’s fighting fire with fire.

While it may have been provocative, Ann Coulter’s backers should have never conceded. They empowered the Berkeley radicals and gave the Left a big win.

Conservatives cannot keep running from the showdown. It has to happen in order to engage the federal government. There must be a skirmish or riot in which the National Guard is the solution to the problem. Until, the Right forces the hand of the fascist Left, the Left will continue to bully us and steal our First Amendment rights.

If Conservatives expect to have a voice on college campuses or anywhere else in this uncivil society, they have no choice but to stand up to the insanity and hostility of the Liberals. President Trump cannot save our country from inside the White House. He can set the stage for our comeback, but he cannot fight our cultural fights.

The days of the Leftist thugs creating chaos and havoc while Conservatives cower must stop at Berkeley. Berkeley is the battleground for the free speech battle. Conservatives need to regroup and send another courageous and willing conservative speaker into the fray. But this next time, there needs to be thousands of Conservatives who are willing to stand against the fascists. It’s the only way.

It’s High Noon!

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