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The shakeup at Fox News should be disconcerting to Conservatives, but not devastating. For a little over twenty years Fox has been the only network which has given conservative voices a microphone and a stage, but contrary to liberal claims, Fox is not a conservative network.

It would be accurate to say that if not for Fox News, Americans would have lost the country to the globalists ten years ago, and Conservatives would have lost all hope.

But I am not a believer in golden calves so despite all of the praise that Fox deserves for its journalistic integrity, viewers need to consider that Fox News was not a birth pang of Rupert Murdoch’s conservative ideology. Murdoch is not conservative. He is a Moderate with an appreciation or tolerance for conservatism.

Fox News was born for one very simple reason. There was a market for conservative news. The Republicans were hungry for a news source that offered an alternative to the bias and fake news of mainstream media. There was money, and lots of it, to be made by whosoever invested in broadcasting which presented an opportunity for conservative opinion.

Fox has been running rings around its competition. Murdoch’s money behind the broadcasting brilliance of Roger Ailes was a more prosperous proposition than the media giants could have ever expected. The nightly soar of Fox ratings seemed unstoppable, until Rupert Murdoch’s boys took the helm.

Warnings about James and Lachlan Murdoch have been popping up throughout the past ten years. And the word has been that both men are liberals with very progressive wives and once in control of Fox News, they would move Fox left. So, the restructuring we are seeing at Fox News now was predicted.

In recent months we have watched Roger Ailes and Bill O’Reilly succumb to sexual harassment charges, Jesse Watters suspended for so-called inappropriate remarks, and Sean Hannity accused of sexual harassment by a woman who later withdrew the charge.

Fox executive Bill Shine is said to be ousted soon and replaced with a woman. According to Hannity, Shine’s dismissal will indicate the end of Fox News.

I don’t always agree with Sean, but bless his heart, he’s a fighter, and he vows to fight off any incoming ballistic character assassination missiles with the best legal counsel in the country. Sean knows what only the rest of us can speculate.

It is accepted knowledge that Sean Hannity has “clean” social credentials. He is a man of faith, and inside sources agree that he takes his marriage vows seriously, something which he obviously has in common with Vice President Pence. So, taking Hannity down would be a more difficult project. But I am sure it’s doable within certain circles of the Fox hierarchy and a billionaire’s resources.

Where do Conservatives go if the reorganization of Fox News excludes the strong conservative viewpoints? Other than right-wing talk radio and conservative online publications, Conservatives have few alternatives. Social media is helpful, but it cannot replace the twenty-four seven advantage of a televised broadcast.

We need a news broadcasting cable network that focuses on conservative issues. Surely there must be enough wealthy Conservatives that we can find several who are willing to bankroll such a venture.

Forget about attracting liberal viewers. Any network that Conservatives would find appealing would by the nature of its appeal to Conservatives be objectionable to Liberals.

I was never a fan of the Fox slogan, “Fair and Balanced.” News should never be presented in a fashion so as to appeal to people on both sides of the political equation.

News is neither fair nor balanced. The goal of all media should be the truth, and only the truth. In the course of life and the chronicles of life nothing is ever fair or balanced. Fair and balanced is only about perspective. It is irrelevant to the reporting of news.

Fair and balanced news requires equal time for stories or issues with disproportionate news worthiness or meritorious content. Although conservatism is a superior philosophy, Fox News wasted valuable airtime giving undeserved and gratuitous value to liberal spinmeisters.

As long as the truth is the number one objective of a cable news network, conservatism will highlight the headlines. It’s a matter of cause and effect. Liberalism is an ideology of deception, so by the laws of natural selection, any news source which focuses on the truth will find a natural predisposition for conservative views.

Fox News as it stands today is not long for this life. The Murdochs are hastily reestablishing a framework for something else, and whatever that something else looks like, it’s doubtful that Conservatives will approve.

Something will rise from the Fox funeral pyre which stands on truth. Fair and balanced needs to die with Fox.

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  1. Thank you Judy .. For years, I have gotten so aggravated when people refer to Fox News as a republican channel. It was always a money channel,,,republicans and conservatives for the most part work and have money….enough said. Hope Hannity stands strong.

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