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Washington Post’s Bob Woodward had some words for President Trump at the White House Correspondent’s Association Dinner last night. “The media is not fake news. The effort today to get this obtainable version of the truth is largely made in good faith,” stated Woodward.

Uh no, Mr. Woodward, the attempts by the media to get the best version of the truth are not made in good faith. They are made with progressive forethought and with malicious intent. And the media is not interested in any version of the truth at all. It is interested in propaganda cloaked as news to reinforce the globalist and Marxist agenda of the Left.

Let’s see now, why would we believe that the news is fake? Could it be that NBC’s Brian Williams is the poster child for fake news? Making up stories for self aggrandizement and to support politically correct doctrine would definitely fall under the category of “fake news.”

And what about George Stephanopoulos and Chuck Todd, two of the highest profile news anchors in the country? Stephanopoulos was a staffer for Bill Clinton and Todd is a former Democrat operative whose wife is presently a Democrat activist. Who in their right mind would assume that both of these influential men are non-partisan journalists?

Dan Rather collaborated with fellow CBS News producer Mary Mapes about George W. Bush’s National Guard service. His lying was so egregious that the veteran reporter and anchor was forced to step down. Making up news is called “fake news,” Mr. Woodward.

The problem with so-called journalists like Bob Woodward who deny fake news is that they have adjusted to reporting their opinions as news. They have editorialized the front page of the printed news to the point where they are puzzled when the public demands accountability.

When journalists omit stories which discredit their ideology, when journalists slant the facts to support their political slant, when journalists misstate the facts to persuade popular opinion, and when journalists present their opinions as facts, they have forfeited their dedication to the truth.

Today’s journalists are not interested in empirical evidence. They have a hidden agenda which drives their partisan news coverage. They manipulate the public with words intended to proselytize.

When the majority of media rely on tactics used in behavior modification to convince the public to embrace a political agenda, they are not just engaging in “fake news.” They are actuating media malpractice.

Media malpractice should be litigated just as medical malpractice is litigated. Intentionally misleading millions of people should hold a penalty just as severe as the damages warranted in a medical malpractice suit of neglect rather than intent.

The notion that the media celebrities are bewildered and outraged over accusations of “fake news” is a clear and perilous indication of just how out-of-touch and out-of-control that the media has become with their own importance. The media is so corrupt that like the politicians in the Washington Swamp, they too have excused themselves from the rules and principles which apply to honest journalism.

It was reported by the Washington Times that during President Trump’s first month in office, 88% of new stories about him were very negative. Aside from the president being a serial killer, what are the odds that during his first month in office, news outlets were inclined to only find 12% of his actions to be positive.

Journalists like Bob Woodward obviously find the American people to be stupid when they play coy and recoil at the suggestion of “fake news.” Could they seriously believe that we don’t notice the bias when every time we turn on the news or pick up a paper, 88% of what we hear and read is critical of the president?

But Woodward wants us to believe that they are operating in good faith. Sure, Bob! Sure! Of course you are.

It’s high time that we start addressing “fake news” for what it is, biased reporting intended to mislead. And the next step is media malpractice.

Journalists need to start paying a high price for their deception, and it needs to hit them in their pocketbook!

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  1. How do you keep hitting the nail on the head? My attempts generally result in a black and blue thumb!

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