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As was predicted, Fox News co-president Bill Shine is out at Fox News. He resigned yesterday following speculation that Rupert Murdoch’s sons, Lachlan and James, are preparing to take Fox in a new direction.

Sean Hannity tweeted last Thursday that if Bill Shine leaves Fox News, the cable network as we know it is over. Considering that Fox dinosaurs Roger Ailes and Bill O’Reilly were ousted amidst the departures of Greta Van Sustern and Megyn Kelly, the Murdoch brothers’ power grab is undeniably the elephant in the room.

The Daily Beast is now reporting that insiders are saying that Sean Hannity is next on the list of casualties and could be out at Fox by the end of this week. This obvious sweep of conservative talent underscores the allegations that the Murdoch boys are restructuring the news organization for a swing to the left.

Last October Breitbart reported that the Murdochs were courting CNN’s Jeff Zucker to head up Fox. While reports indicated that Zucker wasn’t interested in the position, the reality that the Murdochs would seek out a far left zealot such as Zucker to oversee their Fox media empire speaks volumes as to the political bent that the Murdochs intended to pursue.

Incredibly, Fox News has been described as the network with the hard-right bent. Fox is not hard right and never has been. It has merely been a network that has presented the facts, and the facts support the conservative philosophy.

Because media giants and typical mainstream media outlets have cloaked their ideology as news rather than opinion, they impersonate journalists when actually they are entrepreneurs of propaganda.

If mainstream media were objective purveyors of the truth, Fox News would be a centrist news organization. But from the perspective of the progressive media, the truth is right-wing.

Sean Hannity’s Fox farewell, which is already written in invisible ink, will be the catalyst that delivers Fox from the conservative hellhole that the Murdoch brothers have so detested. They will be reorganizing and reestablishing a political perspective which veers to the left.

The next question will be, “How long can Tucker Carlson survive in this contaminated environment?” Probably for awhile with his new time slot, or at least until the Murdochs can recruit a Rachel Maddow wannabe.

But more importantly, how long will Fox News survive before its ratings tank? And they will sink as Fox viewers abandon the traitorous network.

The Murdochs apparently had no appreciation or devotion to the conservative viewers who gave them their ratings and helped them sustain their number one spot in cable news. They took for granted that conservatives honored them with their attention and viewership.

Conservatives look for truth and authenticity in reporting. Fox News should have recognized that it was the Conservatives that elevated them to greatness. Fox should have respected what we did for them. Instead, the globalist Murdochs betrayed us.

There are reliable sources reporting that a conservative news network is in the works. The conservative masterminds are working behind closed doors establishing the framework and financial backing for this endeavor.

Meanwhile, as Fox prepares to attract liberal viewers, the Murdochs are going to realize that Liberals aren’t interested in Fox. They have CNN. They have MSNBC. They have CBS, NBC, and ABC. Liberals have an intense dislike for Fox News, and they will not abandon their networks, because the Murdochs move left.

But Conservatives will abandon Fox and by the millions. They will hold a deep seated resentment for the network which betrayed their dedication and cast them aside.

If there is indeed such as thing as poetic justice, Fox News will eventually find itself in the graveyard for traitors.

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