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House Minority Leader Democrat Nancy Pelosi once said that late term abortion is a sacred decision between a mother and her unborn child. Call me naïve, but when did Democrats decide to let unborn babies have the right to a say on their existence?

It has always been my understanding that maternal instinct overshadows the mother’s personal convenience, and she fights like hell to safeguard her child and her baby’s right to life. But then again, from the number of women who have bought into their own rights to have an abortion, maternal instincts sure ain’t what they use to be.

Dare I say that if unborn babies were involved in the decision-making of late-term or any form of abortion, there would be none. Nevertheless, denying oneself your own existence is something that only a person with the mentality of Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats could understand.

Pelosi gives new meaning to that old childhood tantrum when hysterical children scream at their parents, “I wish I’d never been born.” But there’s something about that wish that just doesn’t quite ring true.

But Fancy Nancy is now softening her rhetoric about late term abortion and abortion on demand. She hasn’t backed away from her posture, but she is in damage control to salvage as many Democrat voters as she can recover.

Under the leadership of the new Democrat National Committee Chair Tom Perez, the Democrat Party now bears the trademark of the aborted baby. Perez has announced that those pro-life Americans who wish to join the Democrat Party, need not apply. And if you are a pro-life Democrat (if that’s even possible), then you need to uninvite yourself to the party.

Perez is the voice and the face of the modern Democrat Party. He is pure radicalism at its finest. Perez is anti-baby, anti-white, anti-American, pro-illegal immigrant, anti-working man, and pro-extremism. Nancy Pelosi’s stupidity can only be eclipsed by Perez’s fanaticism.

Pelosi is an establishment zealot, but Perez is a militant revolutionary. And absolutely no one should be surprised that a subversive like Perez rose to the top of the Democrat cesspool.

The momentum of the Democrats’ constitutional rebellion has been exponentially increasing at breakneck speed. The party has become a nihilistic crowd of anarchists, and the party leaders are encouraging sedition. Simply put, the party is so out-of-control that there is no turning back.

When Nancy Pelosi begins walking back the DNC Chair’s demand that all Democrats cling to their abortion clinics, we know that even the mental midget Pelosi understands the meat and potatoes of the party platform. She insisted that even pro-lifers are welcome within the ranks of the comrades in the Democrat Party.

Demonstrating an understandable anxiety over Perez’s unprecedented public display of bias towards pro-lifers of his own party, Pelosi stated that abortion is a fading issue. Considering the abortion advocates are eradicating the lives of three hundred thousand babies a year, I would have to disagree. Abortion is the shining star of the Democrat agenda.

While Tom Perez continues to insult and repudiate pro-life Americans who might want a seat at the Democrat table, Nancy Pelosi is busy with her own song and dance as she tries to stop the blood flow from her party. And you know things are bad when anyone from the Left makes Nancy Pelosi appear moderate.

To kick out the pro-lifers or not to kick out the pro-lifers; that’s the big question. So, what’s it going to be Nancy?

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