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Tomi Lahren and Glenn Beck have settled their lawsuits against each other, and Tomi’s big win is her facebook page which was established by “The Blaze.” She has over four million followers that she can now call her own. She was released from her contract, and she is free to compete against “The Blaze.”

Lahren had been suspended from her program on “The Blaze” due to her appearance on “The View” in which she referred to pro-life Conservatives as hypocrites. In addition, after having touted her pro-life stance for months, she conveniently found herself to be pro-choice when confronted with the Liberal women on the left-leaning talk show.

But her issues with Beck were about much more than her remarks to Joy Behar. She had already earned a reputation on Beck’s network for her unkind comments to crew members and her lack of cooperation with other employees at “The Blaze.” There were also reports of her spending excesses regarding her wardrobe allowance. From all reports Tomi Lahren was the network diva.

So, who is Tomi Lahren? Is this attractive twenty-four year old woman, who calls herself a Conservative, truly a genuine Conservative? Or is she a younger, female version of Rupert Murdoch? My hunch has it that Lahren tapped into the much needed market for young conservative voices, driven by ambition rather than conservatism.

I have taken into account that Tomi lacks the maturity of an older and wiser conservative woman such as Dana Loesch. She not only lacks the life experiences which help to shape a conservative leader, but her perspective comes from a millennial account of life on easy street. If reports are accurate as to her conduct off camera, she is a trendsetter for the “Me Generation.”

What else did Glenn Beck know about Tomi Lahren that has not been common knowledge to the conservative base? Perhaps, Beck learned that Tomi scrubbed her former tweets from a mere three or four years ago that suggested a very different, not-so conservative Lahren.

At least, she thought they were scrubbed, but screenshots of the tweets have become public, and they portray a girl whose tweets defy her professed conservative values.

The following is a preview of Lahren’s tweets: “I smell sex and candy @ Chynna Greene and I must be goin’ out tonight #popthatp #bottomsup”…….”First SINGLE Vday in 6 years! Woot woot! Anyone wanna go cause trouble with me tonight>>#vday”………..”Anyone else need a drink? #Vday………….”Guess what brat, if you get me wet I can’t promise I won’t accidentally drown you so think about that.”

But the most telling tweet was the tweet with the picture of Tomi in a topless bar with her arm around a topless girl and the headline “Making new friends.”

Yeah, I know that her supporters will say, “But she was young when she made these tweets and the picture.” Yes, she was, but we are talking about tweets from 2014, not from ten years ago.

Because she is a young person, I can give her a pass on her lewd comments and behavior. But what I cannot give her a pass on is her claim to conservative values. Her behavior is completely inconsistent with the behavior of your typical conservative young person.

Most conservative girls would never behave in such a wanton way. And Tomi knows this, because she intentionally deleted her tweets.

Some will presume that her indiscretions were just a part of her indiscriminate youthfulness and that she is now sincere about her conservative values.

But if that’s the case, why would her first interview following her departure with “The Blaze” be with “Playboy?” Let me just throw out an educated guess here. Could it be that the provocative, more liberal Tomi is using her appearance and wiles to draw the male audiences?

Lahren told “Playboy” that she would love to work at Fox News and even MSNBC if they would allow her to be genuine and not try to tell her how to think. Of course she would work at MSNBC, just like Megyn Kelly, the phony Fox Conservative, had no problem with taking a position at NBC.

For women like Lahren and Kelly, it’s about the money, and it’s about them. They market themselves according to their audiences.

I would suspect that Tomi grew up in a Republican household and has a fiscally conservative outlook and a socially liberal bent. She is trademarked as a firebrand, and from all accounts she is just that, if she doesn’t get her way.

Undoubtedly, Lahren will be picked up by a network interested in selling titillating conservatism. She got her foot in the door at “The Blaze,” and she is accumulating her male dominated audience.

One thing for sure; She’s not stupid, and she thinks like Megyn Kelly and makes her investments like Rupert Murdoch. She understands marketing and sees the need for young conservative voices. She’s up for that role. Let it never be said that Tomi Lahren isn’t ambitious.

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  1. Boy you pegged #tomilahren right! However, I didn’t know about her past nor that she is such a BRAT behind the scenes, nor involved in a lawsuit with Beck. Wow.

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