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Despite the House victory for the so-called Trumpcare, Charles Krauthammer had a message Thursday which should be bone-chilling. He stated that regardless of the GOP’s restructuring of the healthcare system, we will see single payer healthcare in the next seven years. According to Charles, even Conservatives are mellowing to the idea of government healthcare.

The general public is still ignorant as to the objective of single-payer or universal healthcare. Every American, outside the circles of the elite, surrenders the future of his health to a powerful system which operates through the lens of perceived racial inequities, social justice, and political correctness.

Many Conservatives, who prefer a market-based healthcare system, don’t panic at the idea of socialized medicine as they have resigned themselves to the likelihood of a pseudo-Canadian form of universal healthcare.

Understand this! If we don’t kill, and I mean ‘completely kill,’ any form of universal healthcare, we will pay with our lives in the not-so-distant future. Single-payer, which is universal healthcare, will not, I repeat, will not resemble any form of existing socialized medicine.

In the American world of encroaching progressivism into every facet of our lives, government-controlled healthcare will result in the eventual selection and denial of patients who receive healthcare. And if you are still not paying attention to the “white privilege” movement, then I suggest that you do so.

Considering the hatred that Democrats have for Republicans and the extremism of the Left, can any rational person believe that our healthcare system will be safe if the Democrats return to power? Can any sane individual have faith that the party which elected Tom Perez, a radical who wants all pro-life Democrats to leave the Democrat Party, will support an equitable healthcare system?

Of course not. Single-payer healthcare in the hands of the progressive Democrats will become the engine of ethnic cleansing. How could it not be when the party leadership considers abortion so sacrosanct that they want to purge the party of those individuals who find abortion to be sinful?

The hatred and intolerance that the Left directs at Conservatives has reached epidemic proportions. The mere thought of the Democrats, who have become radical thugs, winning the presidency and Congress should cause a wise man to have heart palpitations.

Excluding Obama’s, past Democrat administrations have maintained a modicum of rationality. Even Carter and Clinton held to some form of reason. But the next Democrat president will make Barack Obama appear centrist.

Universal healthcare is never ever justified. A free market system, if permitted to function free from the restraints of the government oversight, always provides the best medical care with the least payout. But a free market system also takes the control of the people from the powerful elite, and that is something that the establishment cannot allow to happen.

Even some Conservatives are becoming desensitized to the evil nature of Obamacare. They want it tweaked rather than repealed. And now pundits such as Charles Krauthammer are warning us that it is too late to escape the single-payer program.

The Passage of the House’s version of the repeal of the present Obamacare may be a start, but if Krauthammer is right in his assertion that we are all going to be completely dependent on this crazy upside down government for our medical care in a few short years, God help us!

But more importantly, if the crazy extremist Democrats get back in power and have the curtain of a single payer medical program from which to operate behind, white privilege will no doubt be the criteria in the exclusion of care.

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