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President Trump’s son-in-law, Jared Kushner, keeps popping into the headlines. And I am not referring to fake news headlines. Reputable conservative news sites are reporting some disturbing facts about Kushner and what may be his influence on national policy.

Until Donald Trump ran for the presidency, I had never heard of Jared Kushner. The Kushner family name rang a bell, but not specifically the Kushner who married Ivanka Trump. But now as Kushner has become a very visible, and what seems to be an influential figure in the White House, I am interested in knowing…who is this guy?

The uber wealthy are a tight knit clique. They socialize and marry within their own circles. And they do business with each other. The common man has so little in “common” with the wealthy elite that we sort of just watch from a far, marveling that any family could attain such wealth. For most of us it is beyond our scope of imagination. Personally, I’m okay with being on the outside. I like simple. It’s cleaner.

But after reading legitimate accounts of Kushner’s White House activities, I am more than curious about his ideology and how it is influencing his father-in-law, my president.

It is being reported that Jared Kushner pleaded with President Trump to change his position on withdrawing from NAFTA. Kushner actually called Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and begged him to convince Trump to reconsider.

Keep in mind that President Trump has repeatedly stated that NAFTA is the worst trade deal ever. But that did not prevent him from changing his mind after Trudeau and Mexico President Nieto called him. In fact, he changed his mind the very next day.

Trump said that he would hold off in terminating NAFTA and renegotiate the deal. Why would he renegotiate the worst trade deal ever?

Information has also surfaced that Jared Kushner’s real estate finance startup Cadre has been secretly financed by George Soros. It appears that Soros has a long history or relationship of business dealings with the Kushner family. Now isn’t that just wonderful?

Call me a nit-picker, but I have serious reservations about anyone in the White House with ties to George Soros, especially the guy who is married to the president’s daughter. And I particularly have misgivings when that someone is involved in policy-making.

After all, George Soros is the power behind the entire globalist movement. I am uneasy that Kushner would owe a debt to Soros, and God only knows what other business dealings are at play.

I support President Trump as long as he holds to the straight and narrow regarding his campaign promises, and his loyalty to We the People who put him in office. I don’t have a problem with Kushner being along for the ride, but his connections to Soros and his interference in the NAFTA negotiations are unacceptable.

If, as multiple reputable news sources are reporting, Kushner the liberal-moderate businessman who has financial agreements with the maniacal globalist George Soros, is sticking his nose into the future of the worst trade deal ever as nicknamed by President Trump, we have a glaring conflict of interest.

One year ago I had never heard of Jared Kushner, but now he is acting as second in command of the country. And I don’t mind saying, “I’ve got a problem with that. And so should you.”


  1. If the President’s mind can be changed so easily and so quickly about NAFTA, a trade agreement that he called, ” the worst trade deal maybe ever signed anywhere”, the problem isn’t Jared Kushner. The problem is Donald Trump.

  2. From Wikipedia
    According to Forbes, in 2017 Jared Kushner and his parents have a personal fortune of around $1.8 billion.[3] Kushner is a real estate investor, and has increased the Kushner Companies’ presence in the New York City real estate market as a principal in his family’s real estate company.[23] His father, Charles Kushner, was arrested on charges of tax evasion, illegal campaign donations, and witness tampering in 2004, and was eventually convicted on all charges (by then U.S. Attorney Chris Christie)[24] and sentenced to two years in federal prison.[25]

    In 2014, Kushner, with his brother Joshua and Ryan Williams, co-founded Cadre (now RealCadre LLC), an online real-estate investment platform. His business partners included Goldman Sachs, Peter Thiel, and billionaire George Soros, a top Democratic Party donor.[4][31] In early 2015, Soros Fund Management financed the startup with a $250 million credit line.[4][32] Kushner did not identify these business relationships in his January 2017 government financial-disclosure form.[4][5]

    Interesting that both Ivanka and Chelsea have married Into the Jewish faith and both of their father-in-laws have had legal issues and service jail time.

  3. How very true Judy…Jared seems incredibly nice…great father and husband from all accounts. But it is amazing that he has the status and position he does today in the Trump administration…it will be interesting and hopefully not scary, where and how far he goes.

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