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The only thing that surprised me about the firing of James Comey was the fact that President Trump was too darn patient with him. He should have given Comey his walking papers immediately following his election. Actually, Trump should have dismissed every single Obama appointee from the onset of his presidency.

Comey’s disgraceful conduct concerning the Hillary Clinton email scandal and investigation was reason enough to find the man either incompetent or politically motivated. Citing the reasons that Clinton should face an indictment, he turned right around and exonerated her. He violated the regulations and rules of the Justice Department. And he shocked the nation when he put Hillary Clinton above the law amidst overwhelming evidence of her criminal activity.

Comey testified that Huma Abedin had sent hundreds and thousands of emails, many of which were classified, to her husband’s computer. Where is Abedin’s subpoena?

Under Comey’s direction, the FBI has become discredited. This once-upon-a-time highly respected agency is now perceived as a political arm of the Establishment in the Washington Swamp. The bureau appears impotent under Comey, and yes, even corrupt.

According to Tucker Carlson, James Comey was feared by many in Washington D.C. Carlson related stories of Washington insiders who were guests on his show who stated off camera that they were personally afraid of Comey. They found his behavior disturbing but were afraid to criticize him in public.

On matters of substance, the firing of James Comey is indisputably warranted. The Democrats, including Chuckie Schumer, have decried a lack of confidence in Comey, but as the Democrats always do, they have cried foul at Comey’s dismissal.

They know that Trump’s firing of Comey was justifiable in terms of his professional performance. But as Saul Alinsky always said, “Never let a good crisis go to waste.” So, they do what Democrats do best which is to scramble for another arrow in their quiver.

If Comey deserved to be canned, then it must be the timing that is questioned. Yeah, that’s the ticket. Trump shoulda, coulda, woulda dumped Comey months ago, but he’s doing it now because Comey’s getting too close to his Russian ties. Dum Dee Dum Dum!

Schumer is now calling for a special prosecutor as the Democrats begin their talking points of “Watergate” revisited. Back to Capitol Hill we go for a Democrat pow-wow and another Get-Trump Party begins.

“Why Now?” Chuckie Schumer wants to know. Why not now, Chuckie? Comey’s recent hearing performances tell the tale of an FBI director who never stops digging his own gave. Could it be that he really was going to dig all the way to China?

President Trump may have been magnanimous and made a gracious attempt to overlook Comey’s ineptness at first, but at some point the handle of the shovel breaks. And Comey’s spade completely splintered. At that point there was nothing left to do but to remove the poor guy from the grave he was digging.

Comey’s firing was long overdue, but had Trump discharged him a few months ago, you can bet your sweet bippy that the Democrats would have squealed at their feeding trough then, just like they are doing now.

After all, Democrat outrage is an art. It is political burlesque. Their talking points are predictable and their production is synchronized. Expect words like “timing,” “coverup,” and “abruptly” to headline the media and spew forth from the Democrat pundits.

It makes no difference to the Democrats that President Trump was completely within his rights to let Comey go. Because the Democrats have no principles, so they will never act on principle. They are impersonators who only simulate values. In truth they have none.

The Democrat Party is nothing more than a vaudeville act and not a very good one at that! But we are a captive audience, so we will have no other choice but to watch it all play out. The Democrat Playhouse is always open for business.


  1. Clearly there was no other choice in November, and while the Dems were in disarray after the election, I’m not seeing that now. Like the Borg (forgive the Star Trek reference), Dems are coalescing and, with the exception of the lunatic fringe, focusing their efforts on the mid-term elections. If they take the House, they will have the power to stir up real trouble. Meanwhile, the President continues to throw roses at them – now they want to get the “tapes” that he threatened Comey with in a recent tweet. Are there any tapes? Who knows. His interview with Lester Holt was cringeworthy. His lawyers’ heads must have been exploding. His decision making is ad hoc; his world view is binary and transactional. He needs advice from people who know how government works, and he is either not getting any, or he is ignoring it.

  2. Whether Mr. Comey should have been fired or not is unimportant.  What is important is the way this President makes decisions.  That is the problem.  When Mr. Trump was elected, I was cautiously optimistic but my optimism was misplaced. All politicians lie, but Mr. Trump’s lies are not rational or strategic. Why get incensed about the size of the inaugural crowd, or about unsubstantiated voter fraud? He won. Move on to other things. Why does he write incautious tweets that dominate the news cycle for days and might result in real legal consequences for him? Why does he disparage members of his own party who he should be cultivating? Why does he change his story about an important event and undermine his surrogates? Every week, and sometimes daily, President Trump hands his opponents a beautifully wrapped gift that they use to attack and diminish him. There is no doubt that the Democrat party is weakened. I fear, however, that Mr. Trump is doing far more damage to the Republican party and to those conservatives who continue to run interference for him. What a mess.

    • I understand your points, Eleanor, and I was not a primary supporter of Trump for the very reasons you mentioned. But for the general election, I looked at the alternative, Hillary Clinton. I am neither an apologist nor do I run interference for Trump. I am objective when it comes to this president. I have written many scathing articles about him. But these are not normal times, just as Trump is not your normal president. What irrational lies were you speaking of when you said that Trump’s lies are not rational or strategic?……….You and I obviously disagree in that I don’t see Trump handing his opponents a beautifully wrapped package. He has them tied in knots, and as they try to get their wits about them, he hits them with something else. The left-wing riots, the filthy attacks by Bill Maher and Stephen Colbert, the unhinged comments by celebrities, and the radical attacks by college professors are not the reactions of people who are winning their war against Trump. They are the backlash of out-of-control Democrats. I have issues with some of Trump’s behavior, but he gave the American people a present in that his presidency opened the cages of all the left-wing nutcases aligned with the Democrat Party. And Eleanor, that would not have happened with Jeb Bush or one of the other RINOS that pretend to be Conservatives. Many middle-of-the-road Americans have had the opportunity to see the extremism which consumes the Democrat Party because of their hatred for Trump. Trump has revealed the extent of the Democrat insanity…….I would assume that as a Conservative you are happy with Gorsuch’s confirmation. Had Trump not beaten Hillary, the Supreme Court would have been stacked with the same far-left judges that now sit on the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals. The illegal crossings on the southern border have decreased by 70% since Trump’s election. Coal is coming back to my state of West Virginia…….Trump’s presidency has revealed just how biased the media has become. I know several people who were not fans of Trump but who root for him now, because they are outraged at the obvious media bias they are seeing. President Trump is under attack by the media, and anyone who denies that is disingenuous. And anyone who believes the media is trustworthy is naïve……..The bottom line is that Trump is who we’ve got, whether he was our choice or not. And the Democrat Party sleeps with Satan every night. I can handle Trump’s atypical presidential behavior. But I can’t handle the wickedness which spews forth from the mouths of the Democrats.

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