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Democratic Senator Corey Booker told CNN’s Erin Burnett that we are ignoring a “Paul Revere moment” in that we should be screaming that “the Russians are coming.” Oh, doesn’t Booker think he is so clever? But if it’s Democrats that Booker is trying to get a rise out of, then his words are wasted. I would wager that most of them have never heard of Paul Revere, particularly in Booker’s home in the progressive state of New Jersey.

There’s just something about progressivism and Democrats that doesn’t jive with freedom riders. In fact, if Paul Revere were to make his famous ride today, he would be warning of the Democrats and not the Redcoats. Paul Revere was about liberty at all costs. He despised big government tyranny, whether it was at the hands of King George or the Washington Establishment Democrats and RINOS.

But to be fair, I doubt Booker even understands the difference between freedom and tyranny in that he is a member of the party of oppression. He and his fellow Democrats are quick to disparage anyone they deem to be patriots. They don’t like patriotism, and they deplore nationalism.

Democrats have a lot in common with King George. They advocate high taxes, big government, subjugation of the common man, bullying, obstruction of the administration of justice, and religious persecution.

To suggest that Paul Revere would be a Democrat should bring a chuckle to a thinking man. I’m p-r-e-t-t-y darn sure that Planned Parenthood, gender Neutrality, abortion on demand, identity politics, welfare, universal healthcare, transgenderism, same-sex marriage, sanctuary cities, radical feminism, and Sharia Law, would not be Paul Revere’s cup of Boston Harbor tea.

And how about that Second Amendment and the Democrats’ love affair with gun control? The Sons of Liberty and Minutemen would definitely regard the Democrats as their enemy. Bluntly, they would regard Corey Booker as a foe.

Booker stated that the people are worried that the Russians are coming. No, Corey, the Russians were coming in 1962 when they had a 13 day standoff with the United States during the Cuban Missile Crisis and the following Cold War. And Americans were afraid.

Americans are not afraid of the Russians now, and Booker knows it. He’s just inserting more Democrat theater into the party’s talking points.

Paul Revere, Samuel Adams, Patrick Henry, Nathaniel Greene, Ethan Allen, William Prescott, John Paul Jones, and thousands of other American revolutionaries would find Corey Booker and the Democrat Party to be offensive and the antithesis of those brave colonists who gave America her independence.

It is almost irreverent for Corey Booker, a man who supports gun control, to even speak the name of such a courageous man as Paul Revere. Men like Booker consider the Founders and revolutionary heroes to have been bigots, racists, and no doubt Islamaphobes, since Thomas Jefferson wrote about the impending threat of Islam and the Barbary pirates.

Democrats are forever disparaging George Washington, John Adams, Benjamin Franklin, and all of the other Founders who gave us our constitution formulated on the concept of individual liberty.

In fact, the Democrats believe in collective rights, much like the Russians. Democrats spit on the United States Constitution that Paul Revere so famously helped bring into existence.

But Corey Booker, like all Democrats, will use anyone and anything to push the party platform of deception. Somewhere in heaven, Paul Revere is looking down on Corey Booker, and he’s scowling as he’s insulted that a Democrat would invoke his name in their fight for big government.

And Paul is thinking to himself, “If I were alive today, I would be making my famous ride, and I would be screaming at the top of my lungs, “THE DEMOCRATS ARE COMING! THE DEMOCRATS ARE COMING!”

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