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I have a confession. I love the Washington pandemonium, but not because I want my government to be in chaos. I enjoy watching the Establishment flounder in utter confusion as they try to find a strategy to defeat President Donald Trump.

For the first time in decades the media is struggling for power as they try to apply the same tactics they have used on Republican lawmakers for years. Accusations and intimidation have been the controlling determinants of the media bullies as they have colluded to discredit all persons who stand in the way of the progressive globalist agenda.

But they hit a brick wall when they revitalized that approach with Donald Trump. In Trump they found a man who was not intimidated and who fought back against the chronic allegations. Bluntly, Trump fights dirty if he feels threatened.

There seems to be a consensus among many Conservatives that the ideological fight for the salvation and direction of the United States should fall within the constraints of imaginary rules of engagement. Too many Conservatives have an admirable, yet unrealistic perspective of defeating the Democrats, who exemplify complete insanity, by sticking with the status quo.

Seriously, who wants Trump to fight the media and the Democrat Left in the manner of George W. Bush or George H.W. Bush, or even Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan, for that matter? The Bushes, Ryan, and Romney conformed to the playbook that the Democrats and Democrat-controlled media wrote for them.

Washington was much less turbulent, but exactly what did the Conservatives get accomplished? Do the Republicans really welcome another president like George Bush who sat silently while the media attacked him unmercifully?

And why are Republicans so stuck on “being nice?” There reaches a point when civility goes out the window. I would think that after the display of the women in the Women’s March on Washington, the day after Trump’s inauguration, Conservatives would have come to terms with the reality that the enemy cannot be defeated using typical political ammunition.

Despite Trump’s flare for stepping outside the box, he is fighting the media exactly as they should be fought. He is having a smack down with the corrupt Fourth Estate, and he is winning.

The media is so outraged that Trump has not surrendered to the media covenants that they have become maniacal in their pursuit of his proverbial head. They want Trump punished for ignoring their demands and dwarfing their importance and power.

As they grasp for something, just anything that they can use to disparage Trump, they look foolish. Desperately, they become more embroiled in fake news stories and moronic insinuations of Trump’s ties to Russia.

If anything speaks to the madness within the media universe, it is undoubtedly the story of Donald Trump’s preference for two scoops of vanilla ice cream on his chocolate pie. The media reported that while Trump’s dinner guests had one scoop of ice cream on their pie, Trump had two. They also reported on the tragic story of Trump enjoying Thousand Island Dressing on his salad while all of the other guests were burdened with the non-choice of creamy vinaigrette. Oh, the horror of it all!

Suggesting that President Trump denied his guests an extra scoop of ice cream so as to elevate his superior position is just plain nuts. Perhaps, he asked the kitchen for an extra scoop. And I had no idea that Thousand Island dressing was such a delicacy and a cut above creamy vinaigrette. Note to self; be sure and order the deluxe Thousand Island dressing for an extraordinary dining experience.

The media frenzy over their inabilities to control Donald Trump should be a positive signal to Conservatives. Finally, the ideologically driven journalists are frantically searching for relevance in a Donald Trump presidency. And they have none, except for the fact that they are being called out for their fake news reporting.

Too many Conservatives are still standing in defiance of the game plan which must be followed in order to defeat the Left. There will necessarily be chaos before this country can reset.

And if we don’t have some form of chaos, Conservatives lose. We are living in extraordinary times, and we must fight our battles accordingly.

The Left has given the Right no choice but to throw aside formality and fight fire with fire. It’s called fighting to win.

The patient is the country. Trump is the antibiotic. The people are the antibodies. And chaos is just what the doctor ordered.


  1. It’s past time for conservatives to get dirty….down and dirty ….I am so sick a no tired of the establishment and their supposed “high road”. Trump on 🇺🇸

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