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Bill Maher has placed his bet. And his money says that “President Trump will be out by Christmas.” Jeb Bush is sending out an “I told you so” as the Republican cannibals grab their forks. Columnist Peggy Noonan pens a commentary with this message to Trump, “Democracy is not your plaything.”

It’s all-consuming, and it’s everywhere. The spin, the lies, and the media blitzkrieg against President Trump are sucking the oxygen out of the national atmosphere.

American voters are being issued a powerful message; “you are irrelevant and your vote doesn’t matter.” We are watching as the corrupt media leads in the shock and awe mission to nullify the Trump presidency.

Steven Bannon warned Conservatives in his speech at CPAC. He rightfully sounded the alarm that the Left will never give up their hold on the country. The Progressive globalists will never relinquish control, regardless of who is in the presidency.

Most Conservatives have a Pollyanna approach to their civic duty. Voting and prayer are the chief strategies of conservative activists. Conservatives play defense. It is a rare Conservative that plays offense. They enjoy watching someone on their side, such as Donald Trump, playing offense, but most Conservatives don’t want to get their hands dirty.

So here we are, five months into the Trump presidency, and the discussion has turned to “how much longer will Trump be in office.” And the anti-Trump rhetoric keeps growing louder amidst absolutely no evidence that President Trump colluded with the Russians.

Everyone knows that Trump didn’t collude with the Russians. The Democrats know it, and so does the media. But damn, how good does it get for the Left when they throw the suggestion against the wall and it sticks? Democrats have that kind of Satanic luck. I think it has something to do with selling your soul.

After the shakeup at Fox News, MSNBC is taking command of the cable ratings. Rachel Maddow, who just months ago was struggling for relevance, is now leading the pack.

We watch as Maxine Waters, one of the dumbest and most racist lawmakers to walk the corridors of the Capitol, repeatedly calls for the impeachment of Trump, while admitting that there is no evidence of his wrongdoing. But it doesn’t matter if he has committed any wrongdoing, because he will be charged with obstruction, collusion, and possibly treason as the out-of-control media gears up for its most powerful play in history to throw out a duly elected president.

The so-called Deep State, the media, and the Democrats have intentionally created such a rat’s nest in Washington, that the average American can’t even untangle the events. We hear bits and snippits of memos and leaks from people who have agendas to overthrow the will of the people.

Trying to explain the chain of development within the political sphere has become a joke. The insanity of the Left co-opts the headlines of the news, and voices of reason are being drowned out.

Conservatives are being mocked. Did they really think that the Democrats were going to allow them to change the status quo in Washington D.C?

We know now why John McCain lost the 2008 election to Barack Obama. He was one of them. He knew that his life wouldn’t change with a Barack Obama presidency. He was establishment. He didn’t fight. He didn’t care.

It’s a mess, and it’s too big. And it will all unravel soon. Unless of course, Conservatives become activists, and we all know that won’t happen.

The media will have the last word as they use their power to bring the Communist Democrats back into power.

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