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Never-Trump Republicans are very satisfied with the never-ending assaults on President Trump. Many have resigned themselves to the suggestions of “President Pence” as they smugly declare their collective “I told you so.”

These Trump-haters, who refer to themselves as Conservatives, elevate the Left. They give aid and comfort to the Democrats, radicalized media, and Washington Establishment. Never-Trumpers from the Right stand with the far Left in a concerted effort to remove President Trump from the presidency.

I would have preferred a President Ted Cruz. But we got what we got, which was a President Trump. I didn’t take my toys and go home. I didn’t swear on my mother’s grave to never vote for Trump, so help me God. I was disappointed, very disappointed. But to allow myself to develop feelings of hostility and animosity towards fellow Republicans who voted for Trump in the primary was out of the question.

I am not secretly hoping that Trump will screw up so that I can boldly announce that I tried to warn Republicans. Nor have I surrendered my principles for believing that Trump is better than Hillary Clinton. Anyone, who calls herself or himself a Conservative and believes that allowing a Hillary Clinton presidency to become a reality is even an option, is in need of some serious soul-searching.

“Redstate” online, a once-upon-a-time conservative opinion site, lost direction when Erik Erickson, the political blog’s editor-in-chief, became a rabid Trump detractor. Most of the opinions now smack of anti-Trump rhetoric.

In August of 2015 Erickson rescinded an invitation to Donald Trump to the Redstate Gathering saying that he was not a professional politician and too blunt as he connected with Republican anger. He reissued the invitation to Megyn Kelly.

Never-Trump “Redstate” blogger Susan Wright can always be expected to churn out daily anti-Trump opinion pieces. Wright eats and breathes Trump hatred. She admits that she finds it to be quite satisfying that she was right about Trump from the onset. Of course, Wright doesn’t opine about the alternative to the Trump presidency, which would be a 2018 sweep by the Democrats and a Trump impeachment which would guarantee a 2020 Democrat presidency.

But more importantly, what Never-Trumpers like Susan Wright do not presumably perceive is that the objective of the Trump onslaught is not to impeach Trump. It is to declare the entire 2016 presidential election null and void due to Russian interference.

There will be no President Pence or President Paul Ryan. The media is creating a false narrative using “anonymous” sources to insinuate that the entire Trump administration is tainted by the Russian scandal, which by the way, doesn’t exist.

When President Trump said that the Left was driving a “witch hunt,” he was correct. The Russian investigation is an inquisition. The media is attempting to sully the names of as many Republicans and Trump staffers as possible so as to push the narrative that the White House is occupied by Russian agents.

Sound bizarre? It shouldn’t. The entire media and Democrat agenda is bizarre. Wacko-World is status quo for the Left. The globalist Left has simplified the definition of the word “insane.” We can now briefly define “insane” as “the thought process of Liberals.”

These people, if you can call them people (perhaps “creatures” is more appropriate), on the Left have intensified the interpretation of the word “madness.” They have crossed a line of rational thought, and their steps cannot be retraced without comprehensive therapy. And God help the man or woman who tries to reason with these illogical zombies.

Let’s assume for the sake of the Republican Never-Trumpers that the media will successfully drive their campaign to impeach and convict President Trump to fruition. And then we end up with a President Pence. Just how much can Pence accomplish after the impeachment of Trump? The impeachment of Trump will begin the evaporation process of all Republican power and influence in Congress.

I do not think that the globalists are going to be able to overthrow Trump or his administration, because any attempt to do so will be the moment that a violent Civil War breaks out in this nation. But they will try. And when they do, I am curious as to just where the Republican Never-Trumpers will stand. As I have repeatedly said, “There are only two sides.”

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