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Mass nation-wide anti-Trump riots are being planned for July 2nd. Calling these riots “Impeachment Marches,” the militants are preparing for a summer of rage as they fortify their plans to overthrow President Trump.

These unhinged left-wing loons are hosting “summer resistance” programs to instruct Liberals how to resist. They are demanding that Trump be removed “NOW!” The progressive organization BAMN is telling its followers that Trump must go by any means necessary.

The Left as represented by the Democrat Party has become so unglued that they routinely use vulgarity in public meetings. During the Democrat convention in his state this weekend, California Democrat Party chairman John Burton led the crowd in a “fu*k Trump” chant while holding up both middle fingers. The profane Democrat scumbags followed suit by chanting “fu*k Trump” and mirroring Burton.

Nancy Pelosi, standing behind Burton, can be seen laughing during the entire display. Oh yes, Nancy. It is quite comical, isn’t it? Resorting to public profanity to show her displeasure with the current president would be considered hilarious by the Dumpster Diva.

The Democrats want anarchy. They are urging their followers to “become ungovernable.” They are warning that “the future existence of humankind is at risk if Trump stays in power.” If humankind is in reference to these creatures, maybe that wouldn’t be such a bad idea. Brainless parasites who wreak havoc on society, destroying and killing, don’t have a place in civilization. And referring to their ilk as ‘humankind’ is an insult to the human species.

Conservatives “prefer” to sit back and allow the system to work. Conservatives “prefer” to use prayer without action. Conservatives “prefer” to vote for a change rather than to rally for a cause. But at some point Conservatives are going to have to accept the dire reality of the national divide.

Democrats lost their control of the debate with Conservatives when Conservatives began ignoring their intimidation tactics with charges of racist, bigot, and homophobe. When Democrats couldn’t silence Conservatives with political correctness, they began losing their grip. Democrats have no message. They have no truth. And they are ungodly.

They want violence. Democrat leaders don’t just want Donald Trump gone. They want Conservatives gone. They want a progressive globalist society free of interference from Conservative values and void of Judeo-Christian principles. And many of the non-white AND white Democrats want white people gone. Isn’t that just like a damn Liberal? He works against his own existence. Stupid is as stupid does!

What happens now? Conservatives are beginning to realize that the Democrats have no intentions of allowing President Trump to govern. Many of these useful idiots have publicly called for his assassination. They called for his removal from office on the day of his inauguration.

They intend to incite violence and escalate the violence. When the Conservatives decide to quit giving the Democrat bullies their milk money, the Left will try to take it by force, pretty much as they are trying to do now but with a tenfold intensity.

Conservatives will be forced to fight for their existence and their freedom. They will meet the challenge out of necessity, not because they are profiles of courage.

If the Democrat bottom feeders plan for a summer of violence and riots, Conservatives will obviously be the targets. Will Conservatives fight back or walk away?

On July 2nd of this summer, millions of left-wingers will be taking to the streets, and they will be agitating and baiting Conservatives. Will this be the flashpoint when the searing hatred between the Left and the Right becomes a war? It is becoming more and more obvious that there is not room in this country for both the globalist and American way of life.

At some point, everything breaks. Is July 2nd the flashpoint?


  1. Always revolutions comes from the left and poor people.Unless CIA coup in Iran was a crime against people of Iran and rise of rednekks Mullahs in Iran. Long Live Communist Party USA.

  2. I do feel civil war is brewing. It does scare me but I am getting ready as is my family and friends. Let freedom ring!!!! MAGA.!!!!

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