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Popular opinion has it that Bill O’Reilly was fired at Fox News because of sexual harassment. Little attention was given by the media to the real reason for O’Reilly’s dismissal, and it wasn’t sexual harassment. O’Reilly was the victim of a far-Left political hit driven by Media Matters.

Yes, Bill was involved in a sexual harassment case which was settled over a decade ago. Fox settled the lawsuit rather than to drag their number one star through litigation. Details of the case were conveniently buried to intensify Bill’s guilt. The woman who demanded sixty million dollars from O’Reilly in exchange for not publicly releasing a tape of him talking sexually explicit to her over the phone was obviously trying to extort money from the Fox moneymaker.

The details of Bill’s relationship with the woman were never highlighted. She was a former girlfriend so to speak. She had been “romantically” or “intimately” involved with O’Reilly prior to the so-called sexual harassment. He pursued the relationship, and she used the opportunity to tape him and demand money for her silence. Fox settled for obvious business reasons.

The other recent charges against O’Reilly were not only sketchy but would make a na├»ve person suspicious. The women hurling accusations at Bill demanded big bucks for very questionable allegations. I don’t doubt that O’Reilly is a scoundrel, but I think it is fair to say that he was set up.

But Fox fired O’Reilly because he was losing his advertisers in a Media Matters’ campaign against him. The radical organization pressured his advertisers to dump him, and they were effective, thus creating a financial fiasco for Fox. So, Fox News, under the direction of the progressive Murdoch boys, Lachlan and James, cut their ties with the man who had helped their father take Fox News to the pinnacle of cable news success.

Now, as we expected, Sean Hannity is in the crosshairs of the Media Matters’ slimebucket. And Fox appears to be listening to these slimeballs as they once again reach out to silence another Fox personality.

Hannity tweeted yesterday, “Huge announcement tonight about Seth Rich, Trump/Russian collusion corrupt media, the liberal effort to silence me. And my future at Fox.” In another tweet he reached out to Conservatives, “IMPORTANT! Media Matters is trying to silence me, get me fired, pressure my advertising on radio and TV. Liberal Fascism! I need your help!”

Sean is under fire for a story he has been following and promoting about Seth Rich, the Democrat insider who was murdered in a so-called robbery in which his money and personal possessions were not taken. Rich was shot in the back.

But as the story deepens, a reputable source, renowned hacker Kim Dotcom, is alleging that he has evidence that Rich was the DNC Staffer known as “Panda,” who leaked the information about Hillary Clinton to WikiLeaks. Kim Dotcom was in direct connection with Rich and wants to meet with Robert Mueller to provide his evidence if his safety can be guaranteed.

Hannity has been running the story. But suddenly, yesterday, Fox retracted the story, releasing a statement that they would no longer be investigating the case. Liberal fascists claim that the parents of Seth Rich don’t want the publicity and want the investigation stopped.

Oddly, there is a video of Seth Rich’s parents who are thanking people for helping them look for Seth’s murderer, which makes the claims of his family wanting their privacy a bogus request.

The Left is screaming “conspiracy theory” and trying to halt the Seth Rich story as it gets its legs and threatens to derail the phony Trump/Russia collusion story.

Have Seth’s parents been silenced? They were actively pursuing his killer and asking for help in doing so.

I remember when Clinton pal Vince Foster’s so-called suicide was so conveniently mishandled. I remember when Clintons’ Commerce Secretary and former campaign fund raiser, Ron Brown, suddenly died in a plane crash.

Did you know that the Clinton’s had four campaign fund raisers die under questionable circumstances? Aside from Brown’s plane crash, Clinton associate and fund raiser, Hershell Friday, died when his plane exploded. Clinton’s financial aid and fund raiser, Victor Raiser, died in a plane crash. And Ed Willey, husband of Kathleen Willey, one of Bill Clinton’s sexual harassment accusers, died from supposed suicide.

What are the odds of having three of your chief campaign fund raisers die in plane crashes, while one supposedly offs himself? Let it be noted that both Vince Foster’s and Ron Brown’s offices were ransacked immediately following their deaths, before authorities could arrive. Let us also remember that Ron Brown’s son pled guilty to money laundering after his father’s death, and that prior to the plane crash, Ron, who was being threatened with indictment, publicly stated that he would not go to jail alone.

So, is it so bizarre to believe that foul play, not an attempted robbery, is behind the death of Seth Rich? Considering the Clintons’ history of pals and acquaintances who die mysteriously, of course it isn’t. And did you ever hear of Fox News releasing a statement saying that they were backing away from an investigation?

Sean Hannity is onto something, and the Left wants to make him go away, just like they did Bill O’Reilly. They need to rid the airwaves of pro-Trump voices. They are controlling the message by manipulating the advertisers.

First they came for O’Reilly, and we did nothing. Now they are coming for Sean Hannity, and dare I say that they will shut him out of Fox. Then they will go for Rush Limbaugh. And the trend will continue as their strength grows with each successful shutdown.

It is time to support Sean Hannity. He is asking for our help. I have my disagreements with him on some issues, but in the end, he stands with us. He stands on the right.

If we don’t begin standing for those who speak out against the Left, there will be no one left to be our voice, and the Liberal fascists will come for us. Do Not Doubt!

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