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Republican businessman Greg Gianforte’s win yesterday for Montana’s sole House seat was much more significant than a secured GOP seat. It was a message to both the Democrats and in particular, the media, as Montana voters thumbed their noses at the Washington D.C. Establishment and the sycophantic Democrat media when they chose Gianforte over Democrat Marxist Rob Quist.

After all, it’s not every day that a candidate gets elected the day after being charged with the misdemeanor assault of a reporter. Let’s say that in normal times, if a political candidate commits any act of aggression towards anyone and the said action is witnessed and the aggressor admits to the offense, his political career is shot. Kaput!

From all accounts, Gianforte physically assaulted UK Guardian reporter Ben Jacobs. Witnesses attest to Jacob’s claim that he was body slammed by Gianforte after persisting in questioning Gianforte on the GOP Healthcare plan despite the GOP candidate’s repeated requests for him to desist.

I certainly don’t condone Gianforte’s roughing up of Jacobs. But I am really not surprised. In fact, I am quite amazed that this is the first report of an obnoxious journalist being manhandled. In truth, I have expected such an event, but I had not foreseen a politician being the culprit who took the hammer to the media.

The magnitude of the Gianforte narrative doesn’t lie within the details of his attack on Jacobs. The real story lies in the glaring “I don’t give a damn” attitude of the Montana voters.

Gianforte gets charged with misdemeanor assault one day and is elected to national office the next. But it was during his victory speech that the voters put the media on notice. He stated to the people who gathered for his victory rally, “I shouldn’t have treated the reporter that way. I made a mistake.”

Astonishingly, or maybe not so astonishingly, the crowd laughed while one supporter yelled, “Not in our minds!”

Bingo! “Not in their minds” is exactly right. Traditional Americans, known as We the People, have reached a limit in regards to what we find acceptable in the media. We watch helplessly, night after night, as mainstream media distort the truth or just out and out lie regarding the president, his agenda, his supporters, terrorists, illegal immigration, and every other important issue of the day.

The media is like a cancer as each day it becomes more invasive with its progressive talking points, its political smears against Republicans and Conservatives, it’s phony conspiracies such as the Russia/Trump collusion, and its propaganda campaign to overthrow America.

The media hubris has become nauseating as these egocentric journalists lecture working Americans as to why we should fall in line with the progressive utopian nightmare. These self-serving pompous asses glory in belittling heartland Americans while catering to the degenerates of society and the self-anointed elites.

We have been listening with our ears wide open as the media has said to Conservatives, the middle class, and especially the Trump voters, “Screw You!” But now the Montana voters have said, “No, Screw You!”

Just this week, Joe Scarborough of “Morning Joe,” made fun of GOP hero Trey Gowdy’s appearance. He sent an on air message to Gowdy telling him to powder his forehead, because it shines.

What class! Gowdy, who unlike Scarborough, is a brilliant man, isn’t interested in his appearance while on camera. Scarborough spends several hours a day in makeup having his face readied for the camera. Dare I say, Joe, that those makeup artists still haven’t been able to do a damn thing for that gigantic forehead of yours. Scarborough’s forehead is so massive that he was the inspiration for the title of the Beavis and Butthead duo.

And I’m pretty sure that unlike Scarborough, Gowdy wasn’t having a pubic affair with his cohost (Can you say Mika Brzezinski) while they were both married. Although they both denied the relationship, after recently divorcing, they only days ago announced their engagement. Dear Joe, that isn’t classy! What can I say?

But thanks anyway, Joe, for verifying what we all knew anyway. You are just another self-loving megalomaniac who is completely out-of-touch with the American people to whom you insist on preaching.

I don’t find it odd that someone finally took a journalist to task. I imagine there a lot of good ole boys out there, who probably even cling to their guns and Bible, who would love to just sucker punch or even gut punch a vainglorious reporter. After all, the media is complicit in helping the Democrats overthrow the republic.

Why shouldn’t they be accountable for their treasonous behavior as they concoct nothingburger stories to forward the Marxist agenda?

I don’t suggest or promote violence as a means to stopping the train wreck we call the media. But I am saying that it is inevitable that if the people work through the system to stop the damage to their country, and the media continues to display traitorous behavior and works against them, some among us will see violence as their only alternative.

And that is obvious by Gianforte’s election and the support he has received from the voters.

The media should be paying close attention to the Montana scandal, and they need to be listening. The people are itching for a showdown. All things considered, Gianforte’s loss of his composure is just the beginning of a payback campaign which will be directed at the treasonous media.

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  1. Excellent! You are right on it Judy. I don’t condone violence
    either, but the People are fed up with the media
    propagating the leftist agenda and lying in an attempt to take
    this great nation down. It’s not going to happen!

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