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Did you ever notice that it’s usually the bully that cries the hardest and longest when he finally gets his just desserts? He becomes indignant that the very same tactics that he has imposed upon others has actually been used against him. How dare they?!

The story starts at a small liberal arts college in Olympia, Washington. Evergreen State College is known for it’s far left leanings, but the events which have taken place at the college this week are an exhibition of student lawlessness, chaos, and white hatred.

The students had declared a “Day of Absence and Day of Presence” in which all white faculty and students were told to leave campus. Progressive professor, Brett Weinstein, was confronted by approximately 50 students Tuesday morning for supposedly writing a racist email. The email specifically said, “On a college campus, one’s right to speak, or to be, should never be based on skin color.”

The students shouted Weinstein down and demanded his resignation. When the professor told the students that he would listen to them if they would listen to him, one student shouted, “We don’t care what terms you want to speak on. This is not about you. We are not speaking on terms……on terms of white privilege. You have lost this one.”

An unidentified person called the campus police who arrived only to find that they had been blocked from entering the area where the confrontation with the professor had taken place. Videos show Professor Weinstein trying to reason with the students who become enraged and continue to demand his resignation.

Weinstein stated to the Washington Times, “Police told me that students stopped cars yesterday, demanding information about occupants. They (the police) believe I was being sought. It appears that the campus has been under the effective control of protestors since 9:30 a.m. Tuesday. Police are on lockdown, hamstrung by the college administration. Students, staff, and faculty are not safe. Things are out of control.”

At one point the students went to the library, barricaded themselves in the Trans and Queer Center/Unity/Lounge, turning the library into a political retreat and making demands.

During another bizarre hostile takeover, the students crashed a faculty assembly for professors receiving honors. The faculty families were present for the event. In what can only be described as “unbelievable,” one faculty member stopped the event, invited the students to the front of the room to share their stories.

“I’m sorry, but I really appreciate you faculty, but students are here right now,” the spineless professor uttered. “Why do we need to, I mean, I appreciate celebrating our accolades, and how much we’ve done for the college, but they’re here. And like we need to listen to their voice. They are out there, their bodies are on the line, right?”

No, their bodies aren’t on the line. Our troops overseas have their bodies on the line, dumbass. But the students protesting at Evergreen should have their bodies in line for an ass-whipping!

And then another professor asked the students if it would be better if they stayed and talked with them or just left and went over to the library. These pathetic creatures referred to as professors handed the mantle of authority over to these wretched and pitiful children.

Neither the Evergreen Police Department nor a spokesman for the school would give statements to the police. In fact, University President George S. Bridges stated, before an investigation had even been held, that no students would be punished for their involvement in the demonstrations and hostile protests.

Professor Bret Weinstein’s brother, Eric, stated, “If you asked me who is one of racism’s most powerful foes, I would have said Bret Weinstein. There’s something sort of Twilight Zone about one of the most thoughtful commentators on race, at one of the most progressive schools in the country, being called a racist.”

But neither Eric or Bret Weinstein should be surprised at the student uprising. I don’t believe for one minute that Bret, who is an unapologetic Progressive at a progressive college, hasn’t been involved in some type of unreasonable group-think propaganda projects and exercises.

He has undoubtedly, as a progressive professor and one of racism’s most vocal foes, been supportive of white privilege rhetoric on campus. Just teaching at such a far-left facility would require a brotherhood of allegiance to far-left ideology.

Ironically, the professor is now being told that he must be holding his classes off of campus for his own safety. Whoops, Professor, but I think one of your own offspring just bit off your hand. What in the world were you feeding him?

Professor Weinstein went on Tucker Carlson’s show to decry his treatment on Evergreen’s campus and the dire situation of the beastly student activists. But isn’t this just what Weinstein has been advocating? Hasn’t he been indoctrinating students as to the social injustice of white America and the need for social justice activism?

After all, that is what Progressives believe. They advance their causes by engaging their adversaries in an aggressive and sometimes hostile showdown. And they allow no tolerance for alternative thinking.

Please, Professor Weinstein, don’t tell us that you have not been responsible for encouraging the same intolerant thinking towards those Conservatives whom you deem to be contrary to your progressive thought.

Yet, Weinstein is now distressed as to the level of animosity that permeates from the creatures that he helped to procreate.

Bret Weinstein could very well be a nice guy from outward appearances. But he eats, drinks, and breathes a progressive lifestyle which means at some point he has been the bully who has pushed his view for social justice. Maybe it was just in the classroom, and maybe he marched in the streets with the other miscreants from hell. I don’t know.

But I do know that the professor fed the alligators in an alligator-infested pond. And he was dumb enough to believe that just because he fed them, they would never see him as their dinner. And now they do. And he’s shocked. And he wants help.

Welcome to the world you helped to create, Professor Weinstein. Your life will never be the same at Evergreen. In fact, you will probably have to leave the school for your own safety. And I don’t feel one bit sorry for you.


  1. I almost cheered out loud as I was reading this Judy! The only real problem here is that the collective (WE) will end up having to clean up this idiot’s mess. Am I the only one that thinks this University is a perfect place to drop a tactical nuke?

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