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If anything speaks to the acute divide among Americans on the Left and Right, it would have to be the Left’s complete derision of everything traditionally American. From wishes of Merry Christmas and American holidays to blatant disgust for our military, the progressive Left, starring the Democrat Party and it’s accomplice, the media, mock and ridicule the sacred customs of the western lifestyle.

Yesterday, we honored our fallen heroes by celebrating the time-honored ushering in of summer known as Memorial Day. Memorial Day Weekend highlights the onset of what I refer to as the “red, white, and blue season” when Americans adorn their picnics and porches with Old Glory. From Memorial Day, through the Fourth of July, and straight into Labor Day Weekend, the American flags fly high in small town America.

But while Democrats may celebrate or enjoy the long Memorial Day weekend, many of them hold only contempt for the inspiration of the holiday, the United States Military. And these crazy Democrat loons are not only complaining about the military, but they are grumbling about the masculinity of the men who have laid down their lives for this nation.

Vox online, a left-wing publication, decided to insult the United States Marine Corps when they published a piece entitled, “The Marines Has a Toxic Masculinity Problem.” And Happy Memorial Day to you too, Vox!

It’s no wonder that the Left hates the military. They despise masculinity in all things male, not just the Marines. And it’s for this reason that they encourage transgenderism, gender fluidity, homosexuality, and every other deviancy which stimulates femininity in men and masculinity in women.

Liberals/Democrats/Progressives/Socialists/Marxists/Communists on the Left are so screwed up in their thinking that they can’t even bridge their freedoms with that so-called “toxic masculinity” that they so loathe.

The Battle of Gettysburg, the Invasion of Normandy, the Battle of Midway, the Battle of the Bulge, and hundreds of other American battles were won, because the troops oozed of “toxic masculinity.” We live free because of “toxic masculinity,” not because of fragile, anemic femininity.

Are those men who are driven by toxic masculinity capable of rude and raucous acts of aggression? Hell, Yes! Wars aren’t won by the Casper Milquetoast Posse. They are won by the Special Forces and Band of Brothers who do what they do because of toxic masculinity.

And their masculinity is toxic to everyone who bears a threat to the people and nation that these men took an oath to defend. It is masculinity which gives them the advantage and the lust to squelch our oppressors.

But leave it to the mindless, inappreciative Liberal Loons to denounce that which has empowered our military men to save us from the evils of our enemies throughout the world.

Thank you to the Marines and all of those heroes who are the embodiment of maleness. Thank you for my liberty. I’ll take some of that good ole fashioned toxic masculinity any day. In fact, I’ll take seconds.


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