Former U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton takes part in the Women for Women International Luncheon in New York, U.S., May 2, 2017. REUTERS/Brendan McDermid

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What could possibly be left to say about Hillary Clinton? She has been in the national limelight for almost thirty years. Those Americans who don’t like her, in most cases despise her. She is one of those personalities whose thirst for power has left a path of personal destruction for those who have interfered with her climb to the top and her lifelong dream of being the first woman to win the American presidency.

Hillary is so detested by even those within her own party that socialist and goofball Bernie Sanders attracted many Democrat voters as a result of the animosity held towards Clinton among Democrat voters. She provoked fear among fellow Democrats who might have wanted to oppose her in her drive for the Democrat presidential nomination. But there was an unspoken creed within the Democrat leadership ranks, that being “Nobody crosses the Clinton Machine. Nobody.”

Hillary Clinton is the ‘High Priestess of the Democrat Party.’ Her sycophantic followers may be ungodly, but in regards to Hillary they are religious zealots of the highest order. There is indisputably nothing that Hillary can do that her devoted freaks would find to be offensive.

At least that is the way it has been for three decades. Despite her obsession with her personal superiority, her self-perceived privilege, and her quest for authoritarian control and dominance, she has managed to escape the political plague.

Her connections to at least forty people who have died mysteriously while embroiled or involved in scandalous circumstances with the Clintons have been overlooked by the powers-that-be. Even the Bush family highly regards this woman who is woven from cloth which is homespun by Saul Alinsky. And that is sick.

But as my mother so wisely told me, “You always account for your sins and wrongdoings.” And she was right. One way or the other, here on earth and even in the afterlife, everyone has their day of reckoning, some sooner than others, some privately and some publicly. It’s God’s call, not ours.

Hillary Clinton has always been able to avoid public accountability. Thanks to the media, the progressive Deep State, George Soros money, and the entire corrupt Washington establishment, she has dodged every self-inflicted bullet. She has seemed invincible to hundreds of millions of Americans, both Democrat and Republican, but not because she is stoic. To the contrary, because she is corrupt. And yes, her millions of supporters know she is unscrupulous and nefarious, but they don’t care.

Hillary Clinton fit the Democrat narrative, and that was all that mattered to those voters who cast their lot with her, knowing of her nefarious and mercenary reputation.

The world was shocked by Hillary Clinton’s loss to Donald Trump. The Clintons were legend, and it was assumed that if Hillary wanted the presidency, she could have it.

But there was one major factor that both Democrats and Republicans kept overlooking. Hillary’s armor had already been cracked when she lost the Democrat Primary to Barack Obama in 2008. It was at this time that Hillary was told to “stand down,” and get out of the way of the new face of the Democrat Party.

She was assumed to be the 2016 nominee, because there was nobody else in the party that could defeat a Republican after the eight miserable years of the Reign of Obama. Bernie gave her a run for her money, but he didn’t have a chance. His success at even being a viable candidate was evidence of the animosity towards Hillary that was seething within the chambers of the progressive movement.

And then it was conjectured that she would be the victor in her presidential race against Donald Trump. After all, don’t the Clintons always get what they go after? Despite the abundancy of her personal flaws, the Establishment believed she would cross the finish line first.

We can only imagine the shock and intense distress that Hillary experienced when she realized that she had lost her second attempt at winning the White House. Her disappointment must have been tantamount to the death of a loved one, assuming she is capable of loving anyone other than herself.

At first, it seemed that she would just fade away into the annals of history as the first woman who ran for and had a serious chance at winning the United States presidency. We heard about her walks in the woods as she was supposedly coming to terms with her loss.

We should have known better than to believe that Hillary Clinton would ever give up her quest for the position that she believed should be rightfully hers. She is the woman who stayed married to the rapist Bill Clinton for her own personal political ambition. She will never give up her lust or her fight for the presidency.

But was the loss of the presidency, for the second time, more than Hillary could withstand emotionally and mentally? She is speaking publicly in various forums across the country blasting President Trump and blaming others for her loss.

She looks pathetic and weak. Touring the country and making excuses for losing an election is unprecedented behavior. It is significant in that it portrays the image of a woman who has spent her life lying, cheating, stealing, threatening, deceiving, and possibly killing, for political advantage.

She has even thrown her own daughter into the political fray so that she can maintain her political relevance. Chelsea Clinton has no business in the political arena. She’s weak, clueless, and not very smart. But Hillary Clinton is desperate to the point of using her daughter to keep the Clinton name alive.

Bill and Hillary Clinton remind me of Jim and Tammy Faye Baker. Like the Bakers, the Clintons are con men. They are swindlers of the highest standing. And like the Bakers, the Clintons will fall.

Hillary Clinton is dissolving right in front of our eyes. She cannot accept that there are things that we want in this life that we can’t have. She wants what she wants and will die trying to get it. I find most people who self destruct to be very sad humans, and I am sorry for them.

But I won’t be sorry for Hillary Clinton as she spends her final years in misery, still blaming everyone but herself for her disgraceful life. I will remember the many people who were destroyed by the Clinton Machine. And I won’t be sad for her. Some people are just too wicked to pity.

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