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So now comedian Kathy Griffin is the victim. After realizing that her sick twisted stunt, portraying President Trump decapitated by ISIS, was a bombshell, she decided to make the claim that the Trump family bullied her. She is scurrying and slithering around trying to reverse the negative attention that she has self-inflicted.

The attention-starved Griffin is giving a press conference after hiring attorney Lisa Bloom to represent her. And yes, this is the same Lisa Bloom who is the daughter of the famous feminist lawyer Gloria Allred and the same Bloom who represented the women who went after Bill O’Reilly.

Comedians are coming out from under their rocks to defend Griffin’s abominable depiction of Donald Trump’s decapitated head dripping blood. Rubber-face Jim Carrey chimed in on the controversy telling Griffin publicly that she needs to double down and do another shoot, but this time she should hold up Trump’s severed leg.

Yeah, Jim, that’s the ticket. Duplicates of dismembered human beings makes me fall out of my chair with laughter. Every time that ISIS releases a video holding the severed head of another innocent life, chuckles can be heard all across the nation.

Carrey’s sense of humor is so perverted that he stated that it is the job of comedians to cross the line. He believes that comedians are the last bastion of truth for the people.

You know, Jim, what I find funny is that a judge has ruled that the wrongful death case against you for supplying prescription pain medication to your ex-girlfriend, on which she overdosed, can move forward. There is enough evidence against you, Gumby, to give this judge reason to find you involved in the poor girl’s death. But you should be happy about that, Jimmy Boy. After all, you believe that comedians are the last bastion of truth. Here’s to your conviction!

And then there’s comedian Chelsea Handler. She makes Carrey seem rather tame. Handler sent a call out to Ivanka Trump to tell her “fu*king as*hole father that he needs to support abortion.” How would you like to be married to that dame, fellas?

Handler marches in the Women’s marches across the nation sporting her pink pussyhat. I’m sure her mother is proud. All in all, she’s just a barrel of laughs.

The word is that Stephen Colbert is a comedian. I certainly don’t watch him, but I have yet to see a clip of him saying anything funny. I did see him say that the only thing President Trump’s mouth was good for was as Vladmir PUtin’s c**k holster.”

Obviously, Colbert and his audience found the remark hysterical. But that’s the Left for you. If it’s filthy, over-the-top, and sexual, the Left heehaws, and I literally mean “heehaws.” Call me a prude or stuffy, but there’s just something about insinuating that the President of the United States is having gay oral sex that I find nauseous, not humorous.

But hey, Stephen. If it’s c**k holsters that you want to talk about. It was Barack Obama that has said that he considered becoming gay because of his close relationship with one of his gay professors. Chew on that one, Colbert.

Bill Maher once called Sarah Palin a c*nt while calling her son with Down’s Syndrome a retard. Oh yes, Bill. That’s side-splitting humor. And of course, let’s not forget Maher’s so-called joke suggesting that Donald Trump has an incestuous relationship with his daughter, Ivanka.

But I’ll tell you what is funny, Bill. The fact that you were number seven on the list of stars who are considered the worst looking stars on HDTV. I’m not so sure if you won that award because of your pasty, smarmy complexion or the fact that you are just flat out butt ugly. But in either case, I got a kick out of it.

Can you imagine Red Skelton, Jackie Gleason, or even Don Rickles substituting profanity and obscenities for comedy? Would Dean Martin, who was quite a funny guy, have dared to use his routine to bash conservative America? Absolutely not, because these men understood comedy as amusement and as an instrument to incite relaxation within the audience.

Today’s comedians which hail mostly from the Left, don’t use humor. They use insults. They are provocative, and they deceive the non-thinking public. They are not genuine comedians. They are political activists who declare themselves to have special rights in regard to their lowlife existence.

In the outgoing year of 2011 Kathy Griffin took her dress off on live television at the CNN New Year’s Eve show in which she was hosting with Anderson Cooper. Minutes before midnight she stripped down to her underwear. Blocked from the waist down by the set, she began jumping up and down to make sure viewers could see her bikini underwear.

It was a pathetic display of an unattractive woman seeking attention. “Hey, everyone, look at me in my underwear!” They used to call people like Griffin exhibitionists. Now they are calling themselves comedians.

In truth, they are self-absorbed rejects of society.

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