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British Prime Minister Theresa May has finally decided that Islamic extremism is unacceptable after the mowing down of pedestrians on the London Bridge and the stabbings of innocent victims nearby, thanks to the Islamic terrorists and multiculturalism. You’re a little late to the party, Theresa. Seven dead bodies and 48 wounded victims have apparently either awakened May or been the tipping point for the prime minister.

One can only ask, “Why has it taken this long for British authorities to respond to the critical urgency of radical Islam and the growing number of radicalized Muslims?” But then, it would have been pointless as we know why the Islamic extremism crisis has been allowed to fester. It has been politically incorrect to suggest that just maybe the Islamic community has been ignoring the organic militancy of Muslim fanatics.

In truth, the Progressives have searched for every end road to condemn Christians and westerners for the attacks and not Muslims. They are trying to make the case that “Islamaphobia made them do it.”

European leaders as well as the American Left have defended radical terrorists by 1)ignoring that they are Muslim 2) blaming their rage on the lack of jobs and 3) blaming the attacks on climate change. Rather than to insist on the assimilation of Muslim migrants, they have encouraged segregation and Islamic enclaves.

Where was Prime Minister May when Britain was being colonized by Muslim immigrants? The Guardian reported two years ago that the most common boys’ baby name in the UK is now Muhammad. Am I supposed to believe that Theresa May was unaware of the great Muslim migration?

Five hundred churches have closed in London in the past 20 years while 423 mosques have been built during the same time frame. London now has 100 Sharia Law courts operating within the city. Where were you, Teresa May, while your country was bowing to Islamic fundamentalism?

Islam has become the face for almost all European countries. European leaders should be imprisoned for allowing this travesty to befall the citizens whose lives they promised to serve and protect. But rather than to defend the citizens of Europe, these global elite lawlessmakers safeguarded the tenets of multiculturalism and the Islamic radicals that were born of this desperately flawed ideology.

Contrary to the multicultural creed that all cultures are equal, they are absolutely not equal. Sharia Law and the Islamic culture are counterintuitive to western democracy and the principles which are the foundation of individual liberty.

It is preposterous to believe that the people, whose culture advances the subjugation of women and the extermination of homosexuals, are the moral equivalent of the western civilization’s embrace of equal rights for all. And it is just as foolish to conclude that these two polar opposite communities can coexist within one nation dedicated to recognizing and tolerating a mutual respect. It ain’t going to happen!

They are going to be and will always be at odds with each other. They are oil and water.

But most importantly, it must be understood that multiculturalism is a process without a definite endgame. It is not defined by the amalgamation of various cultures, because there will be no fusion of these societies. They will be forever distinct and disconnected. And their members will forever clash as one or the other seeks dominance over the other.

Theresa May is a day late and a dollar short. How did this woman get to be Prime Minister without fully understanding the nature of the multiculturalism beast which is the sustenance for radical Islam?

Suddenly becoming concerned about germs from a beast which has been defecating in your house for years is inexplicable to me. No doubt, May has a political motive. Could it be this Thursday’s Parliamentary election?

May is declaring a new day of taking on the Islamic terrorists. I hope she is sincere. But one thing is for sure. The Muslims in Europe intend to conquer the continent. And they look to be well under way with their program.

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