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London Mayor Sadiq Khan is calling on the British government to cancel any state visits from President Trump according to Britain’s Channel 4 News. It seems that Khan had his feelings hurt when Trump tweeted a response to Khan’s reaction to the latest London terrorist attack on London Bridge.

The morning after the attacks Khan made a statement vowing that the “terrorists would not win.” Wow! Such tough talk! Take that, Islamic State! And you guys thought that you were fierce!

Khan went on to calm fears by saying, “Londoners will see an increased police presence today and over the next few days. (Hey, ISIS, can you just hold off for a few more days, pretty please?) There’s no reason to be alarmed.”

Well there ya go! All is rosy and well again in London. And I know this, because Mayor Khan just told us there is nothing to worry about. No worries and no frets.

But there’s just a tiny little problem. The terrorists are winning, and they have been winning. Let’s not forget that it was just a few short weeks ago that Khan stated the terrorism is just “part and parcel of life in a big city.”

And now he wants us to know that terrorists will not win. Which is it, Sadiq? From one side of your mouth you have said that terrorism is the new normal of city life and from the other side you say that terrorists will not win. It can’t be both.

President Trump tweeted in response to Khan’s call for calm, “At least 7 dead and 48 wounded in terrorist attack and Mayor of London says there is no reason to be alarmed.” And Trump is 100% correct with his comment.

Khan’s office responded that Trump had taken the mayor’s comments out of context. Now that’s a load of fecal matter. Khan’s statement left nothing from which the context could be misunderstood. Literal speak is just that….literal speak. “There will be police in the streets. Do not be alarmed.” The connotation of that statement cannot be misconstrued. It is what it is.

But by complaining that Trump took the statement out of context, the mainstream media at least had some talking points.

People are dying in the streets of London and Manchester, and Sadiq says “not to worry.” His words are meaningless, empty rhetoric meant only to temporarily calm the masses until the next big attack.

Khan’s promise of police presence in the streets over the next few days is in itself a joke. Khuram Butt, one of the jihadist in the London attacks, was filmed on television unfurling an ISIS flag. He had been reported to the police not once, but twice. He was known by both police and M15 and had been reported two years ago for radicalizing children in the park by giving them sweets to listen to his propaganda.

So, call me a cynic, but Mayor Khan’s promise to have police presence throughout the city during these trying jihadist times would not elicit a composure within the masses. The police appear worthless in terms of prevention. If they can’t even monitor the movements and activities of a known radical who has been on their radar for pandering radicalism to children, then they are insignificant.

Some of the Trump critics are charging that Trump is targeting Khan because of Khan’s Islamic affiliation. But that little scenario can be reversed. Is Khan treading easy on the extremists because they too are of the Islamic faith? Lest we not forget that London has 100 Sharia Law Courts, so it would appear that Kahn is supportive of orthodox Muslim Sharia.

Sadiq Khan does not want the British red carpet rolled out for President Trump. He wants Trump to stand with him in unity as one of Britain’s closest allies.

But those days are over. In terms of defending the world from Islamic terrorism, President Trump needs to call bulls**t for what it is. The world is not going to defeat radical Islam until the enemy is identified and the politically correct games are stopped.

Sadiq Khan doesn’t need to placate the people of his city with phony promises that the terrorists will not win, because obviously they are, even if their victories are coming in baby steps.

Khan needs to tell the people of London and the people of the world, “We will not stop until we kill every last one of the jihadists!” But he won’t. And that could be because he is a sympathizer, and just maybe President Trump suspects that very notion!

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  1. Of course the mayor of London is a jihadist sympathizer. Apparently, there are now so many Muslims in London that they can elect themselves a mayor. England invited terrirism into their country when they allowed Muslims into their country. What did they expect? And now it is the British people who are paying for their government’s stupidity.

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